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various Ontario birds chickadee, goldfinch, robins, nuthatch, cardinal, blue jay

In Southern Ontario there are many backyard birds that come to our bird-feeders and that we see in our gardens, parks and golf courses.

Bird Watching is a fascinating hobby, enjoyed by young and old alike, and all that is required is a quiet spot to observe the birds and a pair of binoculars and a Bird book, such as the Peterson Guide or other field guide to help you identify the birds you see.

Attracting wild birds to your garden or back yard bird feeder can also be interesting when you choose which plants and shrubs attract various birds.

In Spring the first birds to return to Southern Ontario, are the North American Robins, who often arrive during the first week of March.

We had great success attracting Ruby Throated Hummingbirds by planting lots of Fuchsias in our hanging baskets last summer as well as maintaining a full hummingbird feeder for them.

Some birds are easy to spot, such as the noisy Blue Jay and the busy Chickadee.

Others are easy to miss - the Indigo Bunting and shy Catbird are easy to overlook as they spend most of their time in the woodland and I have never seen either of those birds at a garden bird-feeder.

Others are only here during the summer months, such as the American Robin, Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, some arrive in the fall and stay for the winter, such as the Snow Bunting and Slate Junco.

The pretty Cedar Waxwings come through this area in late summer and they always eat all the berries on our Mountain Ash (Rowan) tree.

I am also including more exotic species, such as the Wild Peacock which has been sighted many times in this area.

We have listed some of the more common species of "les oiseaux du jardin" below - and we will be adding more soon.

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American Goldfinch

Baltimore Oriole

Blue Jay

Brown Thrasher


Carolina Wren


Cedar Waxwing


Chipping Sparrow

Downy Woodpecker

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Kingbird

Hairy Woodpecker

Indigo Bunting

Mourning Dove

Northern Flicker



Pileated woodpecker

Purple Finch

Purple Martin


Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Slate Junco

Snow Bunting

Wild Peacock


Yellow Throated Vireo

If you have a favourite bird which isn't listed here, please let us know and we can add it to our list of Birds of Ontario

Backyard Birds of Southern Ontario

Do you have a favourite backyard bird?

We invite our readers to write and send an Article on their favourite Backyard Bird - we will publish it here ...

Send us information about a bird that you know - it's habits, habitat, where you see them, and make it around 150 - 200 words - don't worry if it isn't perfect, we will edit it before we publish.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Little lost chick 
Peter G sent us these pictures of a little lost chick he found in his yard. There are no parents around and he can't see a nest where this little bird …

What is this in the mulberry bush 
This bird has grey feathers with a black cap, we have a pair of them. They are about the size of a small Robin. I have not seen them before. …

What kind of bird is this. 
This bird has been coming to my bird feeder for a few days now. It usually eats with the black bird in photo or with the doves. It flew away with …

Does anyone know the name of these birds? 
I have these birds come and feed with the doves and sparrows etc, only in the spring and fall, but for some reason they have stayed for the winter and …

Unknown and unseen bird 
This bird is smaller than a dove, has darker tipped light grey feathers, a slim slightly curved beak. It has an almost white head and a bright red …

Help ... what kind of bird is this? 
This wild bird will not leave our yard and has adopted my husband. It comes to him as soon as he goes into the yard. Thank you so much for …

Can you identify these Mystery Birds? 
In April Sara from Brantford asked ... This bird is larger than a robin , and sounds like a "sick" Blue Jay. It has black and white and some other colors, …

Scarlet Tanager or Yellow Bellied Fly Catcher? 
I've seen this bird around lately. Yesterday it was a little shaken up after it flew into the window but eventually flew away. Can you help identify …

Please identify this bird 
This bird looks like parakeet bird. I do not know name. Thank you. Hello Ewka, thank you for sending us your pictures. This bird is an American …

A strange bird at our back door 
We had a visit from a Robin-size black bird with a fluffy head and white banding at the bottom of his tail feathers. The tail feathers are rounded, …

Help me identify this bird 
Seen in Newmarket, Ontario. This group of birds were bathing and I was able to get some shots from a distance. Would love some input. Thanks in …

Festival of Birds  
Photo taken at Point Peele, Ontario. Any idea what bird this is? For the life of me I don't know how people can identify birds. LOL It must …

Family Day Visitors 
Our resident birds and friends.

Young unidentified bird in Borden Ontario 
I have recently seen what looks like a young bird around my feeder. He has characteristics of a female Cardinal but the beak is black. The vocalizations …

Hairy Woodpecker 
After 16 years and bugs got into it, our birch tree died. "Woody" the Hairy Woodpecker loves it and comes frequently for lunch. Beautiful picture, …

Birds and a friend. 
Springtime in Georgetown.

What kind of bird is this? 
I had this bird stuck at the bottom of my chimney and I saved it's life :) What a great feeling! I was just as scared as he/she was. When …

Moon Flight Serenade 
Starlings between the moon and Georgetown, Ontario! Thanks, Marinus, for another amazing picture!

Early Morning Singer 
The first picture is the male of a set of Cardinals, frequently at our feeders. We have both male and female coming to our feeder and are hoping they …

Gold Finch 
March 5th - first visit of the year. Spring has to be just around the corner! Thanks for another beautiful picture Marinus, and you're right, Spring …

Green birds in Brampton 
I have a flock of these green birds with black striped tails that visit my feeder here in Brampton, Ontario. They are quite small, I haven't had any …

What type of bird is this? 
These birds have come to our feeder in London Ontario.... similar size to Sparrows.... but can't seem to find any pics that look similar to this bird.... …

What Bird is this? 
One of our readers has sent us a picture of a mystery bird, she says ..... I don't know what this bird is, but I'd like help identifying it. It's …

Help Identifying bird 
I wish I had pictures ..... there must have been a dozen of these birds in my backyard with some Robins. At first we thought they were a Robin, but …

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I need help Identifying a bird 
I did not get a picture. I saw this bird driving home from the cottage in the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario. It was a large Sparrow type bird perched …

Is there a Green Finch in London, Ontario? 
Sorry, no photo. Today I saw what I thought was a Finch, but none of my neighbours thought there was a green Finch in London. Just Red or Gold and Purple …

The Catbird is a medium-sized Northern American perching bird and is named for its cat-like call. Catbirds give the impression of being entirely slate …

Hello there, Is this list exhaustive? I'm from Sarnia, Ontario, which apparently is a hotspot for migrating songbirds. I'm just wondering …

Unknown Bird 
What bird is this? Thanks for this picture Marinus, I'm not sure what it is, but perhaps one of our readers will know - would you be able …

Unknown bird 
Saw two birds the other day, look very similar to a Robin, about the same size, except their chest was more of a pumpkin color, and more of it, not as …

Hi, I live in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada and in the last few days I have noticed and heard a bird that I don't recall seeing before. I think …

What kind of bird? 
Does anyone know what kind of birds these are? I'm in Sarnia, Ontario and have lived in my neighbourhood for 9 yrs and have never seen them. There …

Mystery Bird 
What is the name of this bird? I never saw it before in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Perhaps climate warming have caused these birds to migrate to different …

Rose Breasted Grosbeak 
I first saw the Rose Breasted Grosbeak feeding at my feeder about 2 years ago, and at the time I had no idea what kind of bird it was. This year I started …

Goldfinch in the Sun 
American Goldfinch This beautiful photograph was sent to us by one of our readers from St Catharines, Ontario.

Brown bird with rust coloured wing and white breast 
First time I've seen one of these. I'm by Brantford, Ontario, and just saw him/her in the backyard. The rust colour caught my eye and I thought it …

Help to identify large brown bird with red and white markings 
We live in Kincardine, Ontario, and have always had a great variety of birds in our yard, but there is a new bird come to roost this spring. We have …

Help with Bird Book 
I've just caught on to bird watching in my backyard and am fascinated. I live in Ontario, Canada and have bird feeders and lots of flowers in my …

A bird I have never seen before 
The nearest bird picture I have found that compares to what I saw, is the Red Breasted Sapsucker. This bird was seen on July 2/2010. I first saw it …

Need help identifying birds 
I have a bird that visits my feeders and bird bath. I'm not sure what type it is. It is brown in colour with a light red on its head and through its body. …

Rose Breasted Grosbeak 
Rose Breasted Grosbeak - This bird has such striking colours! We've lived here for a year and this is the first time we've seen this bird. There were …

Possible Birds for your website 
I wrote a birding article for the Wolfe Lake Associations newsletter in 2009 (Westport area) and the birds I featured are a few of those that I usually …

Which is this bird? 
Hi everyone, May 16, 2017 I would like to know the name of this bird I keep seeing every morning. Basically black in colour. Angry looking. …

Mourning Doves Not rated yet
I have Mourning Doves all year round in Port Dover. We had a couple of babies born under the front porch in the summer of 2022. Thank you for …

Downy Woodpecker Not rated yet
I get quite a few Downy Woodpeckers at my feeders and captured one at Silver Lake Park in Port Dover. Thank you again for contributing more interesting …

St Thomas Junco Not rated yet
We had one in our back sunroom this past weekend in St Thomas. I'd never seen one at the seed we toss out every day for sparrows and squirrels. It couldn't …

Pickering Visitor Not rated yet
This might be a Hermit Thrush, which is not native to Southern Ontario. It was discovered on my back yard tree trunk. This was in Pickering, …

What is this little guy? Not rated yet
This bird flew in to my window and tapped on the glass, stayed a few minutes and sat and watched from the fence post. I'm not sure what kind …

Evening Grosbeak Not rated yet
What became of them? I used to get all kinds of them (when living at the house a concession over as I am now in a seniors apartment) and …

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Two Unusual Types of Birds in One Day  Not rated yet
First one: looked like a Sparrow (there were 2 of them), except when I looked closer in binocular, they had chipmunk stripes on their heads and …

Some Ontario Birds Not rated yet
With Spring arriving, it will be nice to see all our winged friends back again. Rein.

First Time in our yard Not rated yet
Very interesting bird, no idea what it is. I hope you can identify for us. Hello there, from the last photograph, it looks to me like you have …

Beautiful backyard birds Not rated yet
Some of the beautiful pictures of North American birds sent in by our reader and contributor, Marinus Pater from Georgetown, Ontario. Thank …

What kind of bird is this? Not rated yet
While relaxing in my backyard and watching the neighbourhood birds bathing and drinking from my pond waterfall in Hamilton on a Saturday afternoon, along …

Discovering the Yellow Bird Not rated yet
Me and my family were in our backyard setting a bird feeder. We hung it on a piece of wood fence. A few weeks later, a beautiful male and female …

Birds in High Park Toronto Not rated yet
Wood duck, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole, Swan and Mallard. All on Grenadier Pond.

Cardinal, Gold Finch and Young Robin Not rated yet
These birds all visit my garden.

An April 1 joke - just a bit late on April 15 Not rated yet
Male/Female Cardinal and Mourning Doves during a late spring snow storm - submitted in April 2014

Junco and Mourning Dove Not rated yet
Our garden is full of Juncos and Mourning Doves, and the usual panic when the Cooper's Hawk turns up for lunch!

Birds on an ice-covered tree Not rated yet
Starlings and Robin. Thank you Marinus, for a charming picture - I'm surprised that there was a Robin still in Ontario in December!

Ice Storm 2013 Not rated yet
Sparrow among frozen tree branches. Global Warming?

A day at the pond Not rated yet
I took these shots of a Canada Goose and a Heron - I hope you like them.

Wild bird Not rated yet
I have seen a little bird around my house. I don't know what kind of bird it is. I have seen it about 4 times in less than a 2 week period. The colour …

At the pond Not rated yet
Red Wing Blackbird at the pond.

Western Meodowlark Not rated yet
I have seen this bird in the Puslinch area. Heard the distinct song it made and found it and took a picture. I have never seen one before around …

Spring 2013, "Global Warming" style. Not rated yet
Red Breasted Nuthatch, Cardinal and friend.

Backyard Visitors Not rated yet
Various backyard visitors! Thank you Marinus, for your great pictures - I have put these adorable pictures together for our readers to enjoy! Tot …

Birds and friend Not rated yet
On a cold, snowy day in Georgetown, Ontario. Cardinals, Mourning Dove and "Bandit",one of our many resident squirrels.

Backyard birds and friend. Not rated yet
Junco, male and female Cardinal and squirrel. All stoking up for a cold Minus 22 C. night With no sparrows around, to chase it away from the feeder, …

Evening Grosbeak Not rated yet
I was in the garage on November 6th 2012, and heard some foreign bird noises at the feeder. Looking out I was greeted with birds I was unfamiliar with, …

Visitors to the Backyard of Marinus Not rated yet
The young one is a good flyer and when the adults are not around can feed it self, still it demands feeding and screeches all day long. Some mothers do …

House Finches Not rated yet
Assorted Georgetown Housefinches

Nashville Warbler Not rated yet
Photographed in Markham Ontario by Alexis Hayes. Thank you for sending us your beautiful picture of this Nashville Warbler. According to …

Happy Mothers Day! Not rated yet
Canada Geese at the Georgetown South pond.

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Lots of Cardinals! Not rated yet
Lots of Cardinals!

Birds and Blooms Not rated yet
Here are a lovely set of pictures submitted by one of our readers from Georgetown, Ontario. 1. A beautiful day in Georgetown - an assortment of Birds …

Georgetown Birds in Spring Not rated yet
This Chickadee was taking shelter from the cold strong wind on our deck in April. This House Finch had a hard time staying awake when the sun …

Backyard Friends Not rated yet
One of our readers sent us some lovely pictures of the Wildlife in his garden - these creatures are so beautiful to look at. He says - Grackles are …

Breakfast  Not rated yet
Because "Coop" our neighbourhood Coopers Hawk showed up, the rest of the usual guests gave it a miss this morning.

JUNCO IN WINTER Not rated yet
Frequent wintertime backyard visitor. Thanks for the picture Marinus, what a cute little chap he is! We also frequently see these little birds in …

Dinner is served Not rated yet
It appears our garden has been posted on a free dinner station for birds on the "Welcome all birds" website. Thank you, Marinus Pater, for sending …

Brown Thrasher Not rated yet
Every spring we listen to the male Brown Thrasher sing for hours on end. He mimics every other bird species, usually repeating each call …

Pretty Goldfinches ... Not rated yet
I just started backyard bird watching, and boy is it addictive! I started with just one thistle sock last week and a week later I have the entire family! …

my favourite birds are...  Not rated yet
I like Blue Jays, Bald Eagles, Grey Jays, and I like Blackcapped Chickadees. Blues Jays live in a nest in the forest. Their colours are blue & white. …

Sparrow Not rated yet
Enjoying the last rays of sunshine of the day!

Your name is Bird Not rated yet
Your name is bird that's all I know feeding the feeder all winter long you're so small with pretty brown feathers which keep you warm in any kind …

Backyard Friends Not rated yet
Here are pictures of a North American Robin, a Sparrow, and a Chickadee, sent by one of our readers,

What kind of bird? Not rated yet
One of our readers needs help to identify a visitor to her bird-feeder - I'm not sure what the name of a bird that likes to visit out feeder. It's about …

Not sure of the species... Not rated yet
Saw what I thought looked like a golden fronted woodpecker, in Southern Ontario not possible, right? It may have been a Northern Flicker or a type …

90 Acre Wildlife Haven Not rated yet
No favourites - I enjoy all. I sit, walk, view, all wildlife on my property. Relaxing on the deck, going for a walk, I view all types of wildlife; …

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Backyard Birds Info ...

What Bird? - Common backyard birds of Ontario
Information on some of the common birds (oiseaux de l'ontario) found in Ontario and across Canada

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