Need help identifying birds

by Proud Papa

I have a bird that visits my feeders and bird bath. I'm not sure what type it is. It is brown in colour with a light red on its head and through its body. It is a little bit bigger than a sparrow.

I've also seen one with a reddish orange beak. I never saw these birds at all last year.

I was just wondering if you could help me to identify this species? I would appreciate it very much thank you.

Proud Papa

Maybe one of our readers can help you figure out what kind of bird the first one is ... does anyone out there know what this could be?

This could be tough without a picture, but our readers are a smart bunch, so someone might know!

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Name the bird
by: Jan

Hi! I just saw a beautiful bird near the canal in Ottawa, it was 5" tall,light gray wit a hint of a very lite purple/pink hue, with a small crest on his/her head!?

Josephine's Bird Discovered.
by: Josephine Venturi

Well, after doing some research on my fantastic little bird, a friend came over with a bird book and after some page turning we found the bird!

It was a Woodpecker!

I now have a picture in my collection.

Thank you for sharing!

Thank YOU for telling us about your bird sighting, and for also telling us about your findings!

Robin sized unidentified bird
by: Sue

We have recently been visited by flocks of these birds, they have a speckled brown body with a red crest on the back of their heads, they have a black breast plate and amazing yellow under feathers.

They were males and showing off their tail feathers to each other by fanning them out displaying the bright yellow underneath.

North East Ontario

Identifying a new Bird
by: Josephine venturi

Yesterday a bird hit my front window and fell to the ground, when I went out to investigate, he was hobbling along and then clung tightly to a piece of wood.

Later on I SAW HIM AND A SECOND bird LOOKING the same in color and size.

This birds where large as a Robin, a red beak, and
the whole body, including the wings, were white and black stripes, the stripes went from the neck straight down to the tip of the feathers.

I have never seen such beauty before, can you help. I live in Sarnia, Ontario.

Later in the afternoon, I saw this same bird chomping on our plum tree in the yard.

I'm not sure what kind of bird that could be, but maybe one of our readers will know, check back soon, there may be an answer for you!

Sounds like a House Finch
by: Anonymous

It is similar to a Purple Finch, but not nearly as brilliant in colour.

House Finch?
by: Carolyn

I wonder if it could be a House Finch? They are brown with red on the head and throughout the body, I have one in my back yard this year and I had never seen it before either. There is a photo of one in the "photo contest" take a look and see if it's the same.

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