> As I have been building this website over the past ten years, I have needed many Canadian Wildlife photos, for example some of the lovely pictures of Cardinals , some of which I have taken myself over the years, but others I have had to purchase to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.

These pictures came from various sources, which I am going to list here.

If you are building a website, or just would like pictures for your own enjoyment, check out the links below.

For example, at iStockphoto , you can find around 2100 pictures and graphics of Wolves, 1700 pictures of Canada Geese, 150 images of the Common Loon, and many more.

Wildlife photos

Nature and Wildlife pictures

Links to Wildlife Photos

Select from over 3 million photos, illustrations, video footage & Flash files, also free weekly pictures to download. All that is required is that you register, which is free, and then find the pictures that you would like.

Currently, the cost of purchasing credits is 12 credits for $21.25 Canadian dollars, and most pictures cost one credit. You can then use the pictures on your website or print them for your own use. Read the Permitted Standard License Use and the Standard License Prohibitions before you start - the main point is that you can use the pictures however, you are not allowed to print them on T-shirts that you are going to sell, or print millions of Birthday Cards with the images you purchased, nor are you allowed to modify the pictures.

Search for and download high resolution stock images, some for free, while also having the option to purchase Royalty Free licensed images for around $1.00 each. The current rate to purchase credits is 25 credits for $28.00 Canadian dollars, and most pictures cost one credit. There are also thousands of Free images available here, often as many as a hundred each day, so this really is a good source of pictures. Flikr - includes Canadian wildlife photos
Great site for Canadian Wildlife Photos and pictures of birds of Ontario. No fee for downloading, although, if you would like to use them commercially, it is necessary to obtain permission from the photographer

Picfindr - Wildlife Photos
A selection of bird, animal pictures from around the world
This site has lots of free Canadian wildlife photos and many other topics
Great stock images from a wide selection of subjects including animals and birds of Ontario


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