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The list of famous Canadians is a long one, and when I first came to Canada I thought many of them were from the USA.

After living here for a while, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many of my favourites were Canadians.

Some whom I had thought Americans, such as Raymond Burr and William Shatner, and some I thought were British such as Donald Sutherland and Christopher Plummer, were actually Canadians! Who knew!

Do you have a favourite Canadian Actor, Singer or Athlete? If so, please let us know on the form at the bottom of this page - we would love to hear about them, and so would our readers!

My Favourite Famous Canadians

My favourite Canadians, in order of importance are ... drum roll please ...

William Shatner
Actor of "Start Trek" fame /Author

Christopher Plummer

Donald Sutherland
wowed audiences in "The Eye of the Needle"

Keanu Reeves
Actor - "Speed" & "Johnny Mnemonic"

Lorne Greene
Actor - played Ben Cartwright on TV's "Bonanza"

Raymond Burr
Actor in "Perry Mason" & "Ironside"

Paul Gross
Actor - "Due South" & "Passchendaele"

Sir Frederic Banting
Physician co-discoverer of Insulin

John Candy
Actor / Comedian

Fay Wray
Actress in "King Kong"

Mary Pickford
Actress, film Producer, Pioneer in the film industry

Ron Fellows
Sports personality, Racecar driver

Bryan Adams
Canadian Singer-Songwriter and musician

Alanis Morissette

Drake - Aubrey Drake Graham

Rapper, Singer, Actor

Avril Lavigne

Justin Bieber

Michael Bouble,

Paul Anka

Singer - Songwriter, Actor

Megan Follows
Actress - "Anne of Green Gables"

Glen Ford

Colleen Dewhurst

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Reynolds

Mike Myers,
Actor / Comedian

Jim Carrey
Actor / Comedian

Leslie Nielsen
Actor / Comedian - "The Naked Gun" movies

Margot Kidder
Actress - as Lois Lane in "Superman"

Helen Shaver
Actress "The Color of Money"

Rachel McAdams
Actress - "The Notebook"

Jill Hennessy
Actress - "Crossing Jordan"

Kate Nelligan
Actress - "Eye of the Needle"

Pamela Anderson
who could forget "Baywatch"?

John McCrae

Anne Murray

Singer / Songwriter

Shania Twain
Country Singer / Songwriter

Michael J Fox
Actor - "Family Ties" & "Back to the Future"

Neil Young
Singer / Songwriter

Wayne Gretzky
Hockey player extraordinaire

Gordie Howe

Hockey player

Walter Pidgeon
Movie Actor

Raymond Massey
Movie Actor

Leonard Cohen
Writer / Poet / Singer / Songwriter

Celine Dion

Yvonne de Carlo

Gordon Lightfoot

Farley Mowat


Lucy Maud Montgomery

Pierre Berton

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Lawrence

Emily Carr
Artist & Author

Peter Jennings
ABC News anchor

Jacques Villeneuve
Racing driver

John Roberts

News anchor & reporter CNN

Dr Roberta Bondar
First Canadian woman is space

James Doohan
Actor - Scotty on Star Trek

Art Linkletter
Famous children's radio/television personality

Joni Mitchell
Singer, songwriter, artist

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Norman Bethune

Physician - surgeon & early political activist, worked in China

There are many. many other famous Canadians on stage, screen and TV, but the above are my favourites.

Do you have a favourite Canadian who you would like to see featured on our website - just let me know on the form below and we would be happy to add your favourite to our list.

Do you have a favourite Canadian? Do you have a great story to tell?

We would love to hear about the kid you went to school with who is now a famous Canadian - share your story with us and we will feature it on our site!

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