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Spa Marvel in the hot tub

Before finding, and using Spa Marvel in my own hot tub, I spent three years searching for an alternative system that would not leave me scratchy and itchy!

We used Bromine for a while, but what should have been a relaxing dip in the spa, had turned into hours of red, itchy, burning skin afterwards, so we tried using Chlorine, but that didn't improve things at all.

I developed Eczema and my skin was terrible, as apparently, I was having a reaction to the chemicals in the hot tub.

Then six years ago, I discovered Spa Marvel
and started using it in our own hot-tub 

What an amazing improvement!

If I hadn't tried it myself I wouldn't believe how wonderful the hot tub water feels - silky and smooth, there is no chlorine smell and no rashes either.

hot tub with spa marvel - no itchy skin or rashes

What Spa Marvel does .....

· No more itching or rashes
· No more odour
· No more scum lines
· No more chemical hassles
· Gentle to skin, hair & swimwear
· Balances pH and alkalinity
· 100% guaranteed!
· Conditions water for sensitive skin
· Drain spa only once a year
· Moisturizes your skin naturally
· Water so soft, you won’t feel the need to shower after using your spa
· One bottle lasts up to 3 months

Spa Marvel® is a unique formulation of natural enzymes, minerals and plant extracts and contains no harsh chemicals.

Made with natural compounds which contain skin conditioning properties, Spa Marvel® is a completely natural and safe alternative to traditional spa and hot tub care.

There are three rules to follow for using this product
fresh water, clean filters and a clean hot tub!

Spa Marvel products for sale

To keep your filters really clean you soak them for 8 hours, or overnight, in the Filter Cleaner, using two cap-fulls of the cleaner for a large pail, and then rinse them thoroughly with a strong steam of water, before putting them back in your hot tub. This step is important as clean filters are necessary for this system to work well.

To get your hot tub clean, use Cleanser, which you add to the existing water and allow to circulate for 24 hours before draining and filling with clean water - this will thoroughly clean what you can't see in your hot-tub's plumbing system.

After circulating the cleanser for 24 hours in your existing water, drain the spa, flush out all traces of old water, refill the spa with fresh water, and heat to the desired temperature, then add one full bottle of Treatment & Conditioner.

This whole system works together, so to begin, you will need the Start Up Kit, but from then on, you may need the Water Treatment & Conditioner, every three months.

The Cleanser is needed when you first set up this system, and again whenever you change the water, and the Filter Cleaner will last several months, depending upon how frequently your hot tub is used, and by how many people.

Please note that the prices below are in US dollars

Spa Marvel Start Up Kit

Start Up Kit


Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner

Water Treatment & Conditioner

Spa Marvel Cleanser


Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner for hot tub

Filter Cleaner

If you purchase Spa Marvel through this website, we make sure that your order is shipped to you in 1 - 2 days, but if you live in the St Thomas or London, Ontario area, you can purchase the above items from R & S Pools in St Thomas.

If you require Spa Marvel immediately
supplies may be purchased from the friendly staff at
R & S Pool & Spa Inc
43784 Talbot Line, St Thomas, ON N5P 3S7

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