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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have recently undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 200+ submissions.

Is this a Peregrine Falcon?

What do you think?

Peregrine Falcon

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Wildlife Photos

During the years that I have been building this website, I have purchased many stock photos from ...

wildlife photos

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Black Crowned Night Heron - a chance sighting

Black Crowned Night Heron

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Lots of Big Cat Sightings

Our readers have reported seeing big cats from Manitoulin Island, Scarborough, Thorndale, Stratford, Corunna, Clarksburg, Porcupine, Barrie, Mississauga, Alliston, Ear Falls ...

big cat footprint

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Juvenile Male Falcon

This juvenile male Falcon was born under the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor Ontario

Juvenile Male Falcon

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Fall in Ontario

Before we know it, those cool Autumn days will be here, bringing with them the spectacular colours of the Ontario Fall

Fall leaves in Ontario

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Canadian Actress Fay Wray

Fay Wray starred in around 100 movies, she is best known for her role as the blonde, beautiful, Ann Darrow in the classic movie "King Kong" (1933)

Canadian actress Fay Wray

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Discover Southern Ontario

This area is a great place to call home, as we have great weather - if you like hot summers and cold, crisp winters, and colourful Autumns that will take your breath away!

Canadian Mountie

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Visit Elora Ontario

A pretty village on the Grand River ...

Elora Ontario

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Growing Ontario Ginseng

Learn about this amazing herb grown here in Ontario ...

Growing Ginseng in Ontario

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Wild Peacocks in Utterson

One of our readers spotted these two ...

Wild Peafowl in Utterson Ontario

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The Loon or Great Northern Diver

Once heard, you'll never forget the call of the Loon, a sound of the lakes of Ontario

The Common Loon in Ontario

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Female Peafowl

More wild Peafowl sighted!

Peafowl in Ontario

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Bayfield, Ontario

I love pretty Bayfield - I think it's time for another visit!

Bayfield, Ontario

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Home Owner Heron

The graceful and beautiful Blue Heron ...

Blue Heron, Ontario

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Unbelievable Cedar Waxwings

I first saw Cedar Waxwings in Northern Ontario back in 1978 and I am still delighted whenever I see them ...

Cedar Waxwings, Ontario

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Northern Flicker

The Northern Flicker also known as the Common Flicker, is a member of the Woodpecker family and is native to most of North America, including here in southern Ontario.

Northern Flicker

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Aylmer, Ontario

Nestled in the lush southern Ontario countryside, take a look at Aylmer ...

Amish or Mennonite horse and buggy in Aylmer, Ontario

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Great Blue Heron

A Great Blue Heron wading in the Grand River in early May, near Brantford, Ontario.

Blue Heron in Grand River, Brantford, Ontario

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What is this?

Jessica who lives in Eastern Ontario wrote to say she saw this canid - can anyone identify?

Mystery canid Eastern Ontario

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Bald Eagles in Oxford County

The first sighting near Norwich was at around 2:30 pm and the sighting of the two birds was around 4:00 pm and lasted for about 15 minutes, until the birds disappeared, heading south toward Lake Erie.

Bald Eagle Ontario

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Wood Duck Eggs

Jim Sweetman sent this picture of newly hatched Wood Duck eggs ...

Newly hatched wood duck eggs Ontario

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The Log Home Bed & Breakfast

Are you looking for somewhere for a romantic weekend away? I just discovered the beautiful "Log Home B & B", 40 minutes drive from London, 25 minutes from Chatham, 15 minutes from Ridgetown, 10 minutes from Four Counties Hospital

Our Log Home B & B Moraviantown

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Late for Work

Laura, one of our readers from Beachville, Ontario, tells us about her sighting of a Bald Eagle ... as I drove the same road to work that I do almost every day, I saw what looked like Turkey Vultures in the distance ...

Bald Eagle Beachville Ontario

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Indigo Bunting sightings

Several of our readers have written to tell us about their sightings of Indigo Buntings...

Indigo Bunting on a wire

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Bald Eagle on Big Bald Lake

Where else should a Bald Eagle be, but on Big Bald Lake?

Bald Eagle at Big Bald Lake, Ontario

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Peahen in our yard!

Carmen from Kitchener wrote to tell us about her unusual visitor!

Canadian Peafowl in Kitchener, Ontario

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Opossums Sighted

Several of our readers have written to tell us about their recent Opossum sightings, including Niagara Falls, Scarborough, Waterloo, Port Hope, Elora, Whitby, Brooklin, Richmond Hill, Delaware, Kitchener, Hamilton, Dorchester, Cobourg, Mannheim, Cambridge

Bald Eagle Beachville Ontario

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R. I. P. Opossums

Five of our readers wrote to tell us about the dead Opossums they found in their area ...

dead opossum, Ontario

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Wolves Everywhere

Wolves have been seen in Tamworth, Kawartha Lakes, Markham, Bowmanville, Parry Sound, Guelph, Waterloo, Oak Ridges, Cobourg

close-up of Wolf

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Owls in the Maple Tree

Cindy from Crystal Beach wrote ...

owls in tree

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The Flying Squirrel

Shy and not often seen, the Flying Squirrel is here in Southern Ontario ...

flying squirrel Ontario

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Help me Identify

This group of birds were bathing and I was able to get some shots from a distance. Would love some input.

goldfinches drinking water, Ontario

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Turkey Vulture Tree

Yfke from Halton Hills, Ontario sent these pictures ...

turkey vultures in tree

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Bald Eagles in Abundance

Terry, Harriet, Tony, Marianne, Callum M, David, Paul, Theresa W wrote to report their Bald Eagle sightings ...

Bald Eagle close-up

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Wolf sightings in Speyside, Stirling, Blue Mountain, Kitchener, Bruce Peninsula, Spencerville, Muskoka, Mount Albert, Madoc

silhouette of Wolf

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