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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have just undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 300+ submissions.

West Kitchener Opossum

Tim from Kitchener sent pictures of his local Opossum ...

Opossum in west Kitchener

Continue reading "West Kitchener Opossum"

Tecumseth Bald Eagle

Michelle from New Tecumseth wrote to report ...

Bald Eagle in New Tecumseth

Continue reading "Tecumseth Bald Eagle"

Indigo Bunting

Jacqui from Coburg wrote ...Indigo Bunting on the sidewalk

Continue reading "Indigo Bunting"

Red Headed Vulture

Virginia from Mississauga wrote ... It was sitting in a tall pine tree, very camouflaged. We have not seen it before and we have lived here for 17 years.

red-headed vulture in Mississauga Ontario

Continue reading "Red Headed Vulture"

Assorted Possums

Several of our readers from far and wide, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Chatham, Maple, Burlington, Brampton, Oshawa, Scarborough, Barrie, have written to tell us about their Possum sightings ...

Possum in Ontario

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New Visitor Owl

A Bamper from Cardinal wrote to tell of their Owl sighting ...

Small owl in tree

Continue reading "New Visitor Owl"

The elusive Catbird

Catbirds give the impression of being entirely slate gray, but on closer observation you will see see that these birds have a small black cap, blackish tail, and a brown patch under the tail. The Catbird is a medium-sized Northern American perching bird and is named for its cat-like call.

Cat bird in Ontario

Continue reading "The elusive Catbird"

Scarborough Opossum

One of our readers from Scarborough sent us this picture ...

Opossum in Scarborough, Ontario during winter

Continue reading "Scarborough Opossum"

Bald Eagle sightings across the area

Our readers from St thomas, Goderich, Kirkfield, Wasaga Beach, Tilbury have sighted Eagles ...

Bald Eagles across Ontario

Continue reading "Bald Eagle sightings across the area"

Glenburnie Possum

There's a possum hiding in the corner of our shed that shares a wall with our garage.

Possum in corner of the shed

Continue reading "Glenburnie Possum"

Forest Walking

Stephanie from Severn has been observing the same owl every day ...

Owl in tree with blue sky in Ontario

Continue reading "Forest Walking"

Morning Possum in Owen Sound

W. K. from Owen Sound wrote to tell us ...

Possum in the morning, Ontario

Continue reading "Morning Possum in Owen Sound"

Erin Mills Hawk

Ti Vanaselja from Mississauga wrote to report a sighting of a Hawk ...

Hawk spotted in Mississauga

Continue reading "Erin Mills Hawk"

Possums near Kingston

A reader from Odessa sent us this report about their sighting of two possums!

two beautiful opossums caught in a trap

Continue reading "Possums near Kingston"

Dead Hawk Found

N. Halff wrote to report ... I discovered these two dead birds next to each other in my townhouse complex in Meadowvale, Mississauga

Dead Hawk found in Meadowvale Mississauga

Continue reading "Dead Hawk Found"

A Possum's Morning Stroll

Craig from London, Ontario wrote to report ...

Possum on a morning stroll Ontario

Continue reading "A Possum's Morning Stroll"

Turkey Vultures in Sutton

Ursula sent these pictures of the Turkey Vultures she sighted in Sutton West ...

Turkey vultures in Sutton, Ontario

Continue reading "Turkey Vultures in Sutton"

Hummingbirds around Ontario

Several readers have written to tell us about their Hummingbird sightings ...

Hummingbird in Ontario

Continue reading "Hummingbirds around Ontario"

One, Two, THREE

Tyler wrote ... I went kayaking today, made a few friends, July 12 2020. Mountsberg Conservation Area, Just off the 401 in Milton ...

Bald Eagle near Mountsberg Conservation Area

Continue reading "One, Two, THREE"

Small Owl

Ryszard from Barrie, Ontario wrote to tell us of his Owl sighting ...

Small owl in tree looking at photographer

Continue reading "Small Owl"

Bobcat Scat

One of our readers wrote ... The scat had hair in it and was fresh so he/she had recently eaten well!

big cat scat found in Stoney Creek Ontario

Continue reading "Bobcat Scat"

18th Floor Balcony Owl, Clarkson

Look Who-Hoo-Hoo came to visit!!

Snowy Owl male on telephone pole

Continue reading "18th Floor Balcony Owl, Clarkson"

Pickering Possums

Atis from Pickering wrote to share ...

Possum in Pickering walking along the fence

Continue reading "Pickering Possums"

Cooper's Hawk or Sharp Shinned?

Jason from Essex asks if anyone can identify this bird of prey ...

Coopers Hawk or Sharp Shinned Hawk

Continue reading "Cooper's Hawk or Sharp Shinned?"

Spotted the Owl!

Jennifer from Windsor said ... I have this small wooded area across from my house. There he is sitting on a tree looking this way.

Finally spotted him or her I hear this Owl all the time

Continue reading "Spotted the Owl!"

Bald Eagles on the water

Several of our readers wrote to report ...

The beautiful Cardinal in Ontario during winter

Continue reading "Bald Eagles on the water"

Possum in Napanee

Dana from Napanee wrote to tell us of her Opossum sighting ...

Opossum in Napanee

Continue reading "Possum in Napanee"

What kind of raptor is this?

Sarah from Toronto wrote to ask ... We saw this bird of prey sitting calmly by Wilket Creek in the middle of the day in Toronto. What kind of raptor is this?

what kind of raptor is this?

Continue reading "What kind of raptor is this?"

Can you name this animal?

Aimee from Prescott asks ... Can you name this animal?

Footprint in the snow

Continue reading "Can you name this animal?"

Bald Eagles in the area

Our readers from Thorndale, Scotland, New Lowell, Grand Bend, Ajax, Shelburne have reported Bald Eagle sightings ...

Bald Eagle in a tree

Continue reading "Bald Eagles in the area"

Ontario Strawberries

Strawberries are abundant, and delicious, and are grown in southern Ontario ...

hands full of Ontario strawberries

Continue reading "Ontario Strawberries"

Indigo Bunting Visitors

Eight of our readers recently wrote to tell us of their sightings of Indigo Buntings ...

The beautiful Indigo Bunting

Continue reading "Indigo Bunting Visitors"

Warblers in Markham

Photographed during April and May in Markham, Ontario. Yellow Rumped Warbler, Wilson's Warbler, American Redstart Warbler and Palm Warbler.

The beautiful Cardinal in Ontario during winter

Continue reading "Warblers in Markham"

Toronto Owl

The owl was on a low branch only 1 to 1.5 meters of the ground as you can tell from the willows in the background.

Toronto owl in tree with dogwoods in background

Continue reading "Toronto Owl"

Adult male Snowy Owl

I was driving from Grand Bend, Ontario to Windsor and turned onto either Bothwell or Tower Road (can't remember which road) and noticed the Snowy Owl perched atop a hydro pole ...

Snowy Owl male on telephone pole

Continue reading "Adult male Snowy Owl"

Owl in Sault Ste Marie

Barrie wrote to tell us about his experience with an Owl in his yard ...

Owl in Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Continue reading "Owl in Sault Ste Marie"

Male Screech Owl Nesting in Our Hollowed Out Mature Crabapple Tree

C LaPorte from Windsor wrote ...

Male Screech Owl in Windsor Ontario

Continue reading "Male Screech Owl Nesting in Our Hollowed Out Mature Crabapple Tree"

Possible Red Tailed Hawk

Adam from Cambridge wrote ... Spotted on our morning walk in Cambridge, Ontario, around Townline Road. April 21, 2020 at about 7:30 am, unfortunately I only had my smartphone with me for pictures.

Possible Red Tailed Hawk in Ontario during winter

Continue reading "Possible Red Tailed Hawk"

Owl at the Pond

Kathy from Oakville sent this picture of the Owl in her yard ...

Owl at pond in Oakville

Continue reading "Owl at the Pond"

Plentiful Possums

We have had lots of reports of Opossum sightings, here are some of them ...

Plentiful possums this one wants to leave

Continue reading "Plentiful Possums"

A Selection of Possums

From Scarborough to Sarnia our readers have reported seeing Possums ...

a fine looking possum

Continue reading "A Selection of Possums"

Peacock or Peahen

Patrick from Sault Ste Marie sent us this picture of ...

Peafowl in Ontario

Continue reading "Peacock or Peahen"

Ontario Rhubarb

Some say that Rhubarb, or as the French say "Rhubarbe" is a vegetable, others consider it to be a fruit, but I don't care, it is just delicious!

chopping Ontario rhubarb

Continue reading "Ontario Rhubarb"

More Coyote Encounters

Erin, Garrett, Kyle, Sharon, Jose wrote to tell us about their Coyote sightings ...

More Coyote encounters in Ontario

Continue reading "More Coyote Encounters"

Turkey Vulture?

Julia from Kitchener sent us these pictures she took ...

Turkey vultures in Kitchener, Ontario

Continue reading "Turkey Vulture?"

More Ontario Opossums

People from across the province have written to tell us about their Possum sightings ...

Scary Possum in Ontario during winter

Continue reading "More Ontario Opossums"

Indigo Bunting near Allport Lake

Saw a beautiful little male bird yesterday on Beaumont Drive which is near Allport Lake on the east side of Lake Muskoka just outside Bracebridge. I had never seen one before and wondered what it was.

Indigo Bunting near Allport Lake Ontario

Continue reading "Indigo Bunting near Allport Lake"

Possum resting in the backyard

Steve from Mississauga sent us this cute picture of a visiting Possum ...

Canadian Opossum resting in the backyard

Continue reading "Possum resting in the backyard"

Possums sighted in the area

More than a dozen of our readers wrote to tell us about their sightings of Possums ...

Canadian Opossum on a deck

Continue reading "Possums sighted in the area"

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