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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have recently undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 300+ submissions.

Possible Broad-Winged Hawk sighting

Sabrina from Waterloo sent us this great picture ...

Possible Broad Winged Hawk

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Grand Bend Ontario

According to National Geographic, the town and surrounding area have some of the finest sunsets in the world ...

Grand Bend sunset Ontario

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Bald Eagles in Lakeshore

Laura wrote and sent us these pictures she took recently ...

Three Bald Eagles in Lakeshore

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Hawk couple and their 3 babies

Carmen from Waterloo sent these charming pictures of nesting hawks ...

Hawk family

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Bobcat or Lynx Sightings

We have received several possible Bobcat or Lynx sightings, check them out below ...

Bobcat or Lynx

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Cooper's Hawks

Several of our readers wrote to report their sightings of Cooper's Hawks ...

Cooper's Hawk

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There are Flying Squirrels in Ontario!

The Flying Squirrel is found in deciduous and mixed woods in the eastern half of North America, from southeastern Canada, to Florida, USA.

Black Crowned Night Heron

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Sightings of Red Tailed Hawks

Readers from Ajax, St Catharines, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Scarborough and Simcoe wrote to report their RTH sightings ...

Red Tailed Hawk

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Eastern Ontario White Squirrel

This little guy was eating peanuts and chasing black Squirrels in our yard today in Pembroke, Ontario.

White squirrel in Pembroke Ontario

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Unbelievable Cedar Waxwings

Lisa from Tillsonburg spotted a flock of Cedar Waxwings in her yard ...

Cedar Waxwing

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Niagara Area Big Cat Sighting

Evan wrote ... July 17th, 2021 approx. 11:30 pm I was driving home and spotted a massive cat gliding across highway 55 (Niagara Stone Road) between two wooded areas next to vineyards close to the Virgil round-about.

map of Virgil Ontario

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Osprey in St Thomas

April 22nd at around the noon hour, I and three others, spotted a very large Osprey flying over Kettle Creek. I found this site to identify the bird.


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Big Cat Footprint

Amanda from Pontypool wrote ... I'm not sure who could have made this print.

big cat footprint

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Herons in Oshawa Harbour

Laura from Oshawa sent us these pictures ...

Blue Heron in Oshawa harbour

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Erin Mills Copper's Hawk

Ti Vanaselja wrote to report the activity they spotted ...

Coopers Hawk

Continue reading "Erin Mills Copper's Hawk"

Turkey Vulture Dining on Deer

Your webmistress, Barb, here - I spotted this Turkey Vulture dining on roadkill this afternoon, May 2nd 2022

Turkey Vulture dining on roadkill deer

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Big Coyote in Tiny Township

Neighbours say there have been several sightings of this lone Coyote (or Wolf) in the area.

Big Coyote in Tiny Township

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Big Cat Tracks

Susan from Ailsa Craig sent us this report of finding tracks of a Big Cat ...

Big Cat Tracks

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Beautiful Mystery Bird

Vincent from Toronto wrote to tell us of his sighting of this beautiful mystery bird ...

mystery bird

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More Peacocks Sighted

Four of our readers wrote to tell us about their sightings of Peafowl ...

Peacock showing tail

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Coyotes Sighted

Several of our readers wrote to tell us about their Coyote sightings ...


Continue reading "Coyotes Sighted"

Swarms of Vultures

Lesley from East Toronto wrote ...

Turkey Vultures in Toronto, Ontario

Continue reading "Swarms of Vultures"

Cougar or Bobcat Sighting

Sergei wrote ... We saw a Cougar or Bobcat just East of Westney.

possible bobcat or cougar

Continue reading "Cougar or Bobcat Sighting"

Mystery Backyard Bird

Dr Ali Syed spotted a large bird in his yard ...

Possible Peahen

Continue reading "Mystery Backyard Bird"

Lynx near Kanata

Diana from Dunrobin, Ontario, wrote to tell us of the visitor to her cottage ...

Lynx near Dunrobin Ontario

Continue reading "Lynx near Kanata"

Poor Dead Opossum

Karen in Courtice wrote ... It was about 5-7 pounds. Dead. Very large teeth. Some fur laying around it but no obvious cause of death.

dead opossum, Courtice, Ontario

Continue reading "Poor Dead Opossum"

Wolves Everywhere

Several readers wrote to tell us of their Wolf or large Coyote sightings ...

Wolf, Ontario

Continue reading "Wolves Everywhere"

Possible Bobcat in Mormora

Paige wrote ... Saw this large cat in the property behind my house in the village of Marmora, Ontario.

possible bobcat

Continue reading "Possible Bobcat in Mormora"

White Peacock sighting

I live in Simcoe, Ontario and just saw the most beautiful white Peacock crossing in front of me on Second Avenue ...

White Peacock

Continue reading "White Peacock sighting"

Osprey Sightings

Two of our readers wrote to tell of their Osprey sightings ...


Continue reading "Osprey Sightings"

Big Cat Sighting near Killbear

Ashley from Nobel, Ontario, wrote to tell about the big cat sighting ...

Big Cat sighted near Killbear Provincial Park

Continue reading "Big Cat Sighting near Killbear"

Large Black Cat Sighting

Cara from Milton wrote ... I came across a Star article, that said in 2008, a couple separated, and had 3 exotic pets: 2 cougars and a black panther. The man released them into the wild, unable to care for them. I believe this was the animal I saw.

Large black feline in long grass

Continue reading "Large Black Cat Sighting"

Poor Opossum

Renate from Dunsford said ... We spotted this Opossum on our back deck eating the cat food we accidentally left out.

opossum eating cat food on deck, Ontario

Continue reading "Poor Opossum"

Turkey Vultures

Five of our readers wrote to tell us about their sightings of Turkey Vultures ...

Turkey Vulture sunning on a fence post

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Possible Wolf in south Bruce County

Josh from Teeswater wrote ... Last year while out on an evening run I heard howling that I had wondered sounded like a wolf in the distance ...

possible wolf in Teeswater Ontario

Continue reading "Possible Wolf in south Bruce County"

Owls seen from Windsor to Peterborough

We have received numerous reports of Owl sightings from Windsor to Peterborough, here are some of the most recent ...

Halloween Owl

Continue reading "Owls seen from Windsor to Peterborough"

Toronto Area Opossums

Jacintha, Gordon, Loretta, Trudy, Linda, Geoff and Yvonne wrote to report their Opossum sightings ...

Toronto area opossum Ontario

Continue reading "Toronto Area Opossums"

Coyote Sightings

Thank you readers for writing to tell us about your Coyote encounters, they are out there and the more educated we are, the safer we will be, and that includes our children and pets.

Coyotes in Ontario, Canada

Continue reading "Coyote Sightings"

Owl in my Backyard

Josh from Oshawa had a close encounter of the flying kind ...

Night time Owl in a tree

Continue reading "Owl in my Backyard"

Port Dover, Ontario

In 1794 the area was first settled by a group of United Empire Loyalists, and at that time the town was known as Dover Mills and during the War of 1812, American soldiers burned the community down.

Pier at Port Dover, Ontario

Continue reading "Port Dover, Ontario"

My Christmas Day Visitor

Rose from Niagara-on-the-Lake sent us these pictures of her Christmas visitor!

Owl at Christmas

Continue reading "My Christmas Day Visitor"

Favourite London Restaurants

If you're in the London, Ontario, area check out one or two of these ...

London Ontario restaurant food

Continue reading "Favourite London Restaurants"

Help Identify this Raptor

It's a field hunter and these photos were taken in the Ottawa Valley in April.

Canadian bird of prey

Continue reading "Help Identify this Raptor"

The Most Amazing Sound Ever

Dee from Cornwall, Ontario, was fortunate enough to encounter an Owl in her yard ...

Barred Owl close-up

Continue reading "The Most Amazing Sound Ever"

Black Crowned Night Heron

I was able to get really close to this bird by approaching it slowly and got a great close-up! I could not believe how close I had got to it and it didn't fly away.

Black Crowned Night Heron

Continue reading "Black Crowned Night Heron"

The Killdeer

The Killdeer is a common type of Plover found all across Southern Ontario and although this is a shore bird, it is also found nesting in fields, gravel driveways and lawns.

Killdeer Ontario, Canada

Continue reading "The Killdeer"

Barred Owl in the Snow

This Barred Owl was observed eating bread ... and being watched by the dog!

Barred Owl in snow eating bread watched by dog

Continue reading "Barred Owl in the Snow"

The Common Loon or Great Northern Diver

These water birds are not ducks but are actually members of a different and distinct species of waterfowl and are not related to Ducks, Coots or Cormorants.

the Common Loon in Ontario, Canada

Continue reading "The Common Loon or Great Northern Diver"

Opossum just here for the Early Bird special!

Ken from Hamilton found this little fella in his compost bin...

Barred Owl close-up

Continue reading "Opossum just here for the Early Bird special!"

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