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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have just undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 300+ submissions.

Recycling box Opossum

Oh, he is just a little fella, how cute. Luckily they are cute and harmless, and they eat ticks!

Recycling box Possum Ontario

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Big Footprints spotted in Wainfleet

My hand measures about 6 inches long and probably 5 inches wide in this picture ...

Big Footprints spotted in Wainfleet Ontario

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Mulmur Hills Peafowl

Bill wrote to tell us ... three wild peacocks came out of our pine bush ...

peacock near Mulmur Ontario

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Harmless Pickering Possum

Around 11:00 am today (July 25, 2020), I was shocked to see one, I think it is a Possum, right inside recycle bin at my door outside here in Pickering!

Harmless Pickering Possum Ontario

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Road Kill Bird

It is always sad when we find a dead animal, one of our readers wrote ... I was cycling southbound on Highway 6, when I noticed this little fellow belly down on the side of the road.

Bird Road kill

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Bird of Prey - Homer Watson Park

Karen wrote to report ... I was walking through Homer Watson Park Kitchener, on the trail by the Grand River. This bird caught my eye. It was sitting in the tree next to the path at a low level. So beautiful!

Bird of prey at Homer Watson Park

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Night time Opossum

Possum eating bird seed out of the feeder ...

Night time visitors in London Ontario

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Peacock near Caledon

Our reader, Nadeem Ausaf, from Richmond Hill, saw this beauty recently ...

peacock near Caledon Ontario

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Indigo Bunting Visitors

Eight of our readers recently wrote to tell us of their sightings of Indigo Buntings ...

The beautiful Indigo Bunting

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Backyard Birds of Ontario

Attracting wild birds to your garden or back yard bird feeder can also be interesting when you choose which plants and shrubs attract various birds.

Backyard birds of Ontario

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The Nuthatch

These small, agile, birds prefer to live in woodland however, a few species have adapted to rocky habitats, and we often see them at our bird-feeder in the garden, especially in the winter time.

Nuthatch at the feeder

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Collier Homes, St Thomas, Rick Collier builder of distinction

Collier Homes, Rick Collier has been building homes in the St Thomas area of Southern Ontario for many years and has a reputation for quality construction ...

Collier Homes, houses of distinction

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Thrilled to see an Indigo Bunting!

We're used to seeing Blue Jays in our backyard, but this little bird was nothing like that, so I took a closer look, and quickly looked up the bird online. It was indeed a male Indigo Bunting, and it flew over to our feeder.

Indigo Bunting at the back yard feeder

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Backyard Possums

Ruth from Kitchener spotted a Possum in her backyard!

Possum in the back yard

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Coywolves and Coyotes

Sent in by Tina from Oshawa ...

Coywolf - Coyote hybrid in Ontario

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Coyote Sightings

Readers from Innisfil, Port Colbourne, Caledonia, Guelph, Burlington, Ajax, Brampton have told us of their Coyote sightings ...

More Coyote sightings in Ontario

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The Canada Goose

Many of the Canada Geese here in Ontario, fly south for the winter, but there are some who stay around open water for the whole winter ...

Canada Geese flying south for the winter

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Possum in Kitchener

This Possum came to Ivan's porch!

Opossum in Kitchener Ontario

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Tillsonburg, Ontario Possum

Ted from Tillsonburg wrote to tell us about his urban possum ...

Opossum in Tillsonburg Ontario

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Five Bald Eagles

Deb from Hanmer wrote ... My Husband came home all exited telling me to grab my camera. I had no idea what he wanted me to take pictures of but it was ...

Bald Eagle near Hanmer, Ontario

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Possum Sighting in Halton HIlls

Super cute (I love his toes!), and happy to see him here.

Opossum in Halton Hills Ontario

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St Thomas Bald Eagles

Dan Bennett of St Thomas wrote ... The nest has been there for several years and each spring the Bald Eagles return ...

St Thomas Bald Eagle

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Cambridge Opossum

I saw a possum on our patio in Cambridge Ontario last night, alerted by our cat who was all puffed tail, meowing loudly.

Opossum in Cambridge Ontario

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Point Pelee, Ontario

This National Park is renowned as the best location in inland North America to observe the northward migration of songbirds.

The migrating birds at Point Pelee

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Downtown Toronto Possum

Alexander from Toronto wrote to say ...

Opossum in Toronto, Ontario during winter

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The North American Grey squirrel is native to this area of Southern Ontario and these animals occur in grey or black, and sometimes their fur has a reddish tinge. It's belly is often white and it has a large bushy tail.

Ontario squirrels black or grey

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The Possum in the Pool

Rob from Richmond Hill rescued a baby Opossum from his pool filter ...

wet Opossum rescued from pool filter

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Opossum Sighting

Doreen from Guelph wrote ... On Monday, March 8, 2021 at 4:20 pm I spotted an Opossum sauntering beside a wood lot in Guelph, Ontario.

Opossum in Guelph Ontario

Continue reading "Opossum Sighting"

Point Pelee

Point Pelee is known as the most southerly point of mainland Canada, and this area is rich in wildlife. I have been told that around half of the species of animals which are found in Ontario, can be found here at the Point!

Point Pelee Ontario

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Possum Sightings

Checking a noise outside, I found a possum in the recycling box licking the empty ice cream container. It was not scared away by noises I made.

Opossum in Clarington Ontario

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Newmarket Opossum

We saw this Possum digging in the snow. It was likely eating under the bird feeder as well, then cleaning itself sitting on our back deck.

Opossum in Newmarket in Ontario

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Ajax Opossum

Amanda wrote to say ... we have had one living in our backyard for years with no problems in residential South Ajax, Ontario.

Ajax Opossum

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The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is not common here, but is fairly easy to identify when you see them as they have a white belly with blue on top and a reddish-brown throat and breast.

Eastern Bluebird in Ontario

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Beautiful Grand Bend

According to National Geographic, the town and surrounding area have some of the finest sunsets in the world.

The migrating birds at Point Pelee

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Bald Eagles

Lisa from London, Ontario, wrote and sent us pictures of the Bald Eagles she sighted ...

Bald Eagle at Fanshawe Park London

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Kingsville, Ontario

This small town is known as the most southerly town in mainland Canada.

The beautiful King House in Kingsville, Ontario during winter

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We have a Possum under our deck!

We live in Tillsonburg, Ontario, near a ravine and last night our dogs were doing a lot of barking and my husband called them but they wouldn’t come in.

Possum under our deck

Continue reading "We have a Possum under our deck!"

Possum in Belle River

Marc from Belle River sent us pictures of the Possum he sighted ...

Opossum on the fence in Belle River Ontario

Continue reading "Possum in Belle River"

A Bonanza of Bald Eagles

Readers from Plympton Wyoming, Dorchester, Oshawa, Port Corbin, Waterloo wrote to report their Bald Eagle sightings ...

Bald Eagles in Ontario

Continue reading "A Bonanza of Bald Eagles"

Dresden, Ontario

The village of Dresden, Ontario, has connections with the Underground Railroad and Slaves, through the writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author who wrote the novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

Dresden, Ontario slave silhouette

Continue reading "Dresden, Ontario"

Tecumseth Bald Eagle

Michelle from New Tecumseth wrote to report ...

Bald Eagle in New Tecumseth

Continue reading "Tecumseth Bald Eagle"

Indigo Bunting

Jacqui from Coburg wrote ...Indigo Bunting on the sidewalk

Continue reading "Indigo Bunting"

Assorted Possums

Several of our readers from far and wide, Etobicoke, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Chatham, Maple, Burlington, Brampton, Oshawa, Scarborough, Barrie, have written to tell us about their Possum sightings ...

Possum in Ontario

Continue reading "Assorted Possums"

The elusive Catbird

Catbirds give the impression of being entirely slate gray, but on closer observation you will see see that these birds have a small black cap, blackish tail, and a brown patch under the tail. The Catbird is a medium-sized Northern American perching bird and is named for its cat-like call.

Cat bird in Ontario

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Scarborough Opossum

One of our readers from Scarborough sent us this picture ...

Opossum in Scarborough, Ontario during winter

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Bald Eagle sightings across the area

Our readers from St thomas, Goderich, Kirkfield, Wasaga Beach, Tilbury have sighted Eagles ...

Bald Eagles across Ontario

Continue reading "Bald Eagle sightings across the area"

Glenburnie Possum

There's a possum hiding in the corner of our shed that shares a wall with our garage.

Possum in corner of the shed

Continue reading "Glenburnie Possum"

Forest Walking

Stephanie from Severn has been observing the same owl every day ...

Owl in tree with blue sky in Ontario

Continue reading "Forest Walking"

Morning Possum in Owen Sound

W. K. from Owen Sound wrote to tell us ...

Possum in the morning, Ontario

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