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We are currently receiving many submissions to our website and have quite a backlog. I have recently undergone open heart surgery and it will take some time for me to work my way through all our new 200+ submissions.

Sick Fox

My wife, granddaughter and I had a sick fox living at the bottom our property in Napanee, the poor thing was suffering from mange. Due to the illness it was on death's door, unable to hunt and it was starving to death.

Red Fox with mange, Ontario

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The Wild Turkey in Ontario

At the beginning of the 20th century the numbers of these birds had dwindled to such a point that they were in danger of extinction because of loss of habitat and over-hunting.

Wild Turkey in Ontario

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Dresden, Ontario

In Dresden today there is the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site which is on part of 200 acres of land purchased by Josiah Henson and other abolitionists.

Dresden Ontario Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site

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Beachville Eagle Sighting

Jim from Ingersoll told us about his Bald Eagle sighting ...

Beachville, Ontario, Bald Eagle

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Balcony Hawk

Renata S sent us this great picture ...

Balcony Hawk

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The Canadian Beaver

This busy rodent can weigh between 33lbs and 77lbs, with an average weight of about 44lbs.

Beaver stamp

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Brampton Ontario Possum

L. Maldonado wrote to tell us of the huge Opossum in their yard ...

Brampton Ontario Opossum

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Do you recognize this Mystery Moth?

On my front porch this morning there was a beautiful large green moth and I’m not sure what type of moth it is.

Luna Moth

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Sault Ste Marie Opossum

Ursula from Sault Ste Marie wrote to tell us about her Opossum sighting ...

Ontario Opossum

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The Groundhog

Groundhogs are widely distributed in North America and common in the Northeastern and Central United States...

Ontario Groundhog

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Baltimore Oriole Sightings

Several of our readers have written to tell us of their sightings of Orioles

Baltimore Oriole eating an orange

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Delhi, Ontario

Located at the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 59, this is a small multicultural community with residents of Dutch, Greek, Belgian, Polish & Ukrainian, Hungarian & German descent.

Delhi, Ontario

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Can anyone help identify this bird?

Scarlet Tanager or Yellow Bellied Fly Catcher?

Scarlet Tanager or Yellow Bellied Fly Catcher

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Port Ryerse Garter Snake and Ms Snapper

On the weekend of June 1st, this large and beautiful Port Ryerse Garter Snake ate a pesky mouse.

Port Ryerse Garter Snake

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Goldfinch in the sun

Margaret from St Catharines sent us this great picture of an American Goldfinch

Goldfinch in the sun

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Curious Hawk

Tracey from Bayham Township wrote to say ...

Curious Hawk

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Nature Watching in Downtown Toronto

One of our readers wrote ... I just wanted to share a fairly unknown spot in downtown Toronto that is truly magical, the park behind "Evergreen Brickworks"

Nature watching in Toronto

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The Common Goldeneye

The Common Goldeneye is a medium sized diving duck - the male has a black and white head with the noticeable yellow eye and circular white patch, and the female has ...

Common Goldeneye

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Highway 6 Wild Peacock

One of our readers spotted a wild Peacock ...

wild peacock, Ontario

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The North American Badger

Not to be confused with the European Badger, the Badger of North America is ...

North American Badger

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Osprey in Thorndale

Brandon from Thorndale (north east of London) wrote to tell us of his Osprey sighting ...

Osprey in Thorndale, Ontario

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On magical summer evenings, if you are fortunate, you may see fireflies at dusk ...


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Opossum just north of Campbellford

Jill from Hastings, wrote of her Possum sighting ...

Opossum just north of Campbellford, Ontario

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Osprey Sighting in Oakville

One of our readers reported sighting an Osprey ...


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The beautiful Monarch Butterfly

Sometimes known as the Milkweed Butterfly, this is probably the best known butterfly in North America.

Monarch butterfly

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Wolves in Ontario

Five of our readers wrote to report Wolf sightings in Ontario ...

Wolf in Ontario

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Osprey on the Grand River in Brantford

Kevin from Paris wrote and sent these pictures of a family of three Osprey on the Grand River in the area of Brantford, Ontario.

Osprey on the Grand River

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Famous Canadians

There are many famous Canadians on stage, screen and TV, but these are some of my favourites.

Raccoon close-up

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Brantford Ontario Opossum

Gloria from Brantford wrote ... An Opossum carrying four babies on her back was in our backyard about 9:00 a.m. this morning ...

Opossum with four babies in Brantford Ontario

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Possible Wolf in south Bruce County

Josh from Teeswater wrote ... Last year while out on an evening run I heard howling that I had wondered sounded like a wolf in the distance ...

possible wolf in Teeswater Ontario

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Garter Snakes

These reptiles range across North America and are successful because they eat almost any food which is available

Luna Moth

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I love Raccoons!

Elizabeth from Owen Sound wrote ...

Raccoon close-up

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The Honeybee

These flying insects are valuable to the farmer, orchard owner, and home gardener, as they pollinate many of the crops in this area.


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One of our readers wrote to us last summer and sent us this beautiful picture and said ...


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I took these pictures of Damselflies just outside St Thomas, Ontario, as they flitted and flew around our friends' swimming pool

Blue Damselfly

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Canadian Farms

We're a country living website for homesteading, self sufficient living and the the good life no matter where you live.

pretty farm cottage with blue hydrangeas

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Save these Eagles, Save the Huttonville Forest

Don from Huttonville wrote to us today and asked us to share this with our readers ... please share this with your friends and family and help save this pair of Bald Eagles

Huttonville Eagles

Continue reading "Save these Eagles, Save the Huttonville Forest"

Opossums by the Dozen

Twelve of our readers wrote to tell us of their recent Opossum sightings in Ontario ...

Opossum in Ontario

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Rosy Rhubarb Festival in Shedden, Ontario

Shedden is located at the intersection of Highway 3 and Union Road, west of St Thomas.

Rhubarb dessert

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Canadian Actor Christopher Plummer

Born in Toronto but raised in Quebec, Plummer was bilingual, grew up in Senneville, Quebec, and was educated in Montreal ...

Christopher Plummer

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Mother Starling lays four eggs

Jim Sweetman from Puce, Ontario sent us these pictures ...

Starling nest with eggs

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Deer Everywhere

We see mostly does with their fawns, but this past month they have been visiting us in the mornings close to our front door because ...

White Tailed Deer in St Thomas

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Bird in my Backyard

Lona from Renfrew sent this picture of a bird in her backyard ...

bird in my backyard

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One of the animals found in Ontario that is not very popular with humans or other animals, is the Skunk, don’t tangle with ‘em!


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Real Estate

Some of the terms used in real estate in Canada ...

detached house in black and white

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Indigo Bunting Visitors

Several of our readers wrote to report their sightings of the beautiful Indigo Bunting ...

Blue indigo bunting close-up

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Frank wrote to tell us about his Osprey sighting ...

osprey in flight

Continue reading "Osprey"

Peafowl in Bracebridge

Vanessa from Bracebridge sighted several peafowl in her yard ...

Peafowl on deck in Bracebridge

Continue reading "Peafowl in Bracebridge"

Possible Broad-Winged Hawk sighting

Sabrina from Waterloo sent us this great picture ...

Possible Broad Winged Hawk

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