Small Grey Owl using bird bath

by Douglas Benson
(Belle River, Ontario, Canada)

Garden Owl

Garden Owl

My wife spotted this little grey coloured Owl sitting in the grass just off our deck stairs into the back yard where there are lots of trees, gardens and cover.

At first we thought he had hurt himself and we were peering out the window fretting about his future and thinking of a way we might help him then he flew up onto the birdbath and walked into the water a bit and proceeded to take leisurely sips of water.

Only a few moments after I got close enough to take these pictures did I realize he was getting dive bombed by a gang of robins.

The next moment he was in flight to a nearby tree, and then off again with the robin gang close on his heels into another tree.

We figured he was looking for love in all the wrong places and shook our head with smiles as to witnessing such a rare event.

Is this Owl new to our area? I've only seen a few in my lifetime.

I am not sure what type of Owl that might be but perhaps one of our readers will know. although, I suspect it might be a Screech Owl

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can enjoy it also.

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