Possible Wolf Sightings

by Michael, Tammy, Mike, Joseph, Leigh
(Marmora, Beaverton, Barrie, Markham, Queensville, Ashburn, Clifford, Belmont)

Canadian Wolf

Canadian Wolf

Michael wrote to report ... just for a few seconds he crossed my property here in Marmora, Ontario, just south of highway 7. He was as large as a German Shepherd and his fur was light brown, a darker brown and blonde. This is only the second sighting on the property however in the winter there are mysterious large footprints which may be from a Wolf.

Tammy from Beaverton wrote ... I was surprised by a Red Wolf that ran across the road one afternoon. I have seen a lot of Coyotes in the past, but this was a beautiful Red Wolf. Less than a week later my husband saw two wolves taking down a deer in a field at 8:00 in the morning. I believe the are Algonquin Wolves.

Mike from Barrie, Ontario, wrote to say ... I work for CN Rail as a locomotives engineer and I go up the Bala sub on my way to North Bay. As I was leaving Toronto we encountered three Grey Wolves. As they were running down the track they were using the ravines. I see them when I travel, this is in Northern Ontario. I saw a huge one in same spot about year ago and I thought I had seen wrong, but last night after seeing the three together I'm dead sure, so they're back.

Joseph said ... at 2 am I started hearing loud howls from the Remington Parkview Golf and Country Club near Mac Frost Way in Markham Ontario, it sounded like the Wolves were in a fight. I heard very aggressive noises and howls, it was an amazing sound to hear. If only I had the chance to see what was going on. This was my first time hearing a wolf pack in Ontario since living here for 28 years.

One of our readers said ... my mother had two Wolves in the back field yesterday on Warden Avenue near Queensville. The pair, one grey and the other more multi-coloured, were sniffing the ground following a trail of something. They completely ignored her, who viewed them from the back window.

A reader from Ashburn said ... my neighbour told me today that he saw a Timber Wolf in his backyard in Ashburn.

One of our readers from Clifford, Ontario, wrote ... we spotted a Grey Wolf today in our hay field about 60 ft off the fence line as we were scooping out our horses. It was huge, I push it over 150 pounds. It was pacing back and forth watching the horses. All 4 mares bunched together and actually started walking towards the fence. Our 3 year old colt was freaking in his paddock. This is the firsts time ever seeing a Wolf in these parts. We have weanlings here, guess they won't be on their own for a bit.

Leigh from Belmont wrote ... we live in the country off of Highbury Ave just north of St Thomas. In August 2018 I was sleeping outside with my granddaughter in a tent. We have tons of Coyotes out here and I am very familiar with their howl. However what I heard was much different and thought it was out of character for a Coyote. The next night I was sitting outside late at night with my husband and we heard the same distinctive howl again. We have heard of sightings in the past but not for a number of years, so we realize this is unusual, but not totally unheard of. Then, on November 20 2018, my husband had a sighting just south of Belmont off of Glanworth Drive and Willsie Bourne. It was definitely not a Coyote. We see them all the time so he's very able to know the difference. Very interesting that we have wolves here still.

Our daughter lives north west of London, in Thorndale, and when they lived on the farm they also heard Coyotes all the time, yipping, but now and again they heard howling and the Coyotes would stop making their noise and it would just be the howling - they figured that there were Wolves around this area. I live just outside St Thomas and we don't hear Wolves or Coyotes here.

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