I Love Raccoons!

by Elizabeth Haswell
(Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)

Ontario Raccoon

Ontario Raccoon

One beautiful summer night I was sitting quietly and still on my front patio.

Along came a raccoon. He was large and when he saw me, he walked absolutely silently towards me.

I did not move. I barely breathed. He crept over to me, stood for a moment on his back legs and lifted his little right front paw up and touched my arm.

I guess he was testing to see if I was perhaps a garden ornament. I allowed this for a moment, and we looked deep into each other's eyes.

What a lovely few seconds that was.

Then it occurred to me that he might like to test me further by taking a bite out of me.

At that point, I very gently moved my arm. He backed away, not in a panic, but steadfastly, and retreated the way he came.

It was a wonderful experience to come that close to a wild animal.

I loved every minute of it.

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I love raccoons too!
by: Fis

I have never seen a raccoon in real life before, honest to god, hopefully one day I will, and will have the same wonderful experience that you had :3 <3

by: John

That would be awesome to have that experience, seems to me a once in a lifetime experience. Glad you got his picture and thanks for sharing.

Barb - your Webmistress here - sadly, Elizabeth wasn't able to get a picture, but I added this one ... he sure is cute!

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