(Pavo cristatus)
Sighted across Ontario

Who knew there were Wild Peacocks in Ontario!

When our readers first started to write to me and told me that they had seen Peafowl in Ontario, I thought they must be mistaken, and perhaps what they were seeing were Wild Turkeys ... a brown turkey could be mistaken for a Peahen!

But as time went on more and more reports came in, all saying that people had observed these birds, including their long, beautiful tails, and I realized that they really WERE lots of wild Peacocks in Ontario!

male peacock in forest showing tail

Peacock in the forest

The beautiful wild Peacock has been sighted all across Southern Ontario, and they are a lovely sight to behold, but in truth, they shouldn't be here at all.

peacock tail feather

Indian Peafowl are a species native to the Indian sub-continent which have been introduced to many countries in the world, including Canada, where they are in Zoos and Safari parks.

The male is called a Peacock and the female is referred to as a Peahen, and the male is easily recognised by his beautiful fan-like tail and his iridescent blue-turquoise plumage.

During courtship the male will display his magnificent tail to potential mates, who are impressed and overwhelmed by his amazing tail!

The male, after courtship and mating, will move on to another female as these birds are polygamous.

Close-up of Peacock tail feather

The Peahens are less flamboyant and are a dull brown with a green coloured neck, and they do not have the long tail feathers of the male.

Believe it or not, despite their large and spectacular tails, peafowl are capable of flight and will roost in trees on on roofs.

male peacock showing open tail display

Peacock displaying his Tail 

We have received so may reports of Wild Peacocks in Ontario, that I believe that perhaps some of them have escaped from Zoos or from private collections, and have now established themselves in the wild, and have managed to survive our cold, snowy winters, and thrive in Southern Ontario.

Their diet consists of berries, grains, small rodents and also snakes and reptiles which they obtain in the open forests and fields.

They have a loud, annoying call that is unmistakable once you have heard it.

I figure that enough of these beautiful birds find shelter and warmth during the winter, perhaps in barns, that they survive and breed successfully every year.

Male peacock neck and head showing blue plumage

Close-up of crest and neck feathers of Male

Wild Peacock Info ...

The Peafowl - Peacocks - Wikipedia

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Peacock sounds and video

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Brampton Ontario Peacock sighting 
I was on Uber’s food delivery service and after making a delivery I suddenly saw a peacock coming up from the backyard. I was so stunned by this sighting. …

Peacock female 
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Peacocks in Bruce County 
These were sighted in southern Bruce County along the Ripley road. On May 9 2021 at 8:00 pm. We noticed a pair of male peacocks in a corn …

Peacocks near Kitchener  
Spotted on Shouldice Side Road between Glen Morris and Kitchener, Ontario. Very tame.

My husband and I live just outside Hastings Ontario and have lived here for 7 years now, and till August 4 this year have never seen a peacock, never thought …

Peacocks in Mount Albert area 
These Peafowl were crossing the road and then went down the ditch line and into the forest. This was on Boag Road, 1 km west of Highway 48.

Wild Peacocks Sighted 
One of our readers from Amherstburg sent us this report of her bird sighting - Every day on my way to work I am seeing 5-7 wild Peacocks grazing on the …

Peacock sighted in Bayfield Ontario 
We were cycling on Orchard Line, Bayfield, when we saw a bird. We thought it was a goose but when we got closer, we had a big surprise. A Peacock …

Peacocks on Parade Not rated yet
Fred and Sue Swayne wrote ... We sighted a pair of Peafowl in South Dundas on County road 7 in Elma near Chesterville. They were on our front porch, being …

Thunder Bay Peacock and Mrs  Not rated yet
I saw male and female wandering on a dirt road by Kakabeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Peahen in Niagara Not rated yet
She visits us in the early evening

Peacock Feathers Not rated yet
Over the past couple of weeks I have found a couple of feathers in my backyard which have the markings of a male peacock tail feathers. I have not …

Male peacock in Hermon, Ontario Not rated yet
I was driving on Fort Stewart Road in the hamlet of Hermon, when this male went running across the road.

Peacock in Warkworth Not rated yet
Surprised to see such an exotic bird on our deck. It's not banded and is relatively tame. It hangs out with the Turkeys at our place just south …

3 Peacocks in Lanark County  Not rated yet
Spotted 3 peacocks wandering on the side of the road in Lanark Country near Smiths Falls. Thank you for telling us about your sighting of Peacocks …

Wild peacocks in Utterson Not rated yet
While biking on Domtar Road in Utterson we bumped into two wild Peacocks crossing the road. What a sight! Thanks for the picture and for telling us …

Peahen in our yard Not rated yet
Hi - We have a peahen in our yard in Deer Ridge Kitchener, on Pioneer Tower Rd near King Street. We live uphill from the Grand River with 4 ponds and …

Pembroke Peafowl Not rated yet
We have two that have been hanging around. Thanks for telling us about the Peafowl that are visiting your property!

Hwy 6 Wild Peacock  Not rated yet
We just saw one crossing Hwy 6, near Chatsworth, Ontario. I got to see his beautiful tail as he made it to the other side. Such a wonderful surprise …

Mulmur Hills Peafowl Not rated yet
Three wild Peacocks came out of our pine bush and stayed around our backyard for over an hour. They came within 20' of us and were not bothered by us …

Wild Peacocks Sighted Not rated yet
One male peacock and two peahens were on the side of the road on Shore Acres Drive, just outside the South Innisfil Arboretum, this was July 14, 2021. …

Peacock near Caledon Not rated yet
Many times we witnessed this Peacock in Caledon Ontario. Sighted on 1 July 2021.

White Peacock sighting Not rated yet
I live in Simcoe, Ontario and just saw the most beautiful white Peacock crossing in front of me on Second Ave. I was gobsmacked and then saw your info. …

Nobleton Wild Peacocks  Not rated yet
Hello - I have pictures and videos of wild peacocks crossing the road. Thanks for this great picture of a Peacock. If you would like to send a …

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Peacock or Peahen  Not rated yet
I was driving around northern Ontario on the back roads looking for abandoned building to look at and film when I came across this peahen I believe. …

Peafowl in Bracebridge Not rated yet
I have been visited a few times by this beautiful trio of what I think are Peahens. Hello there! Thank you for your great pictures! You have one male …

Taking a Sunday and Monday stroll Not rated yet
This beautiful peacock appeared in our backyard and returned the following day!

Peacocks Galore! Not rated yet
Barrie from Wasaga Beach wrote ... I just saw two peacocks walking across the road in Glencairn. Very surprised. They were beautiful! James from Caledon …

Peacock in Mount Hope Not rated yet
Peacock strolled up our driveway. This was October 2020. In Mount Hope, Ontario.

Peacock in Palgrave  Not rated yet
For the first time ever I saw a peacock on my front lawn and Palgrave. It didn’t make any sense to me until I googled this page and read this. …

Peahen in Brantford  Not rated yet
A Peahen wandered into our backyard close to the Grand River In Brantford. She seemed very at ease with people as she walked right through the yard …

Peahen at Bell Homestead National Historic Site Not rated yet
I arrived at work this morning to find a peahen roaming around our museum visitor centre. She wandered off to the slope above the Grand River along …

Peafowl sighting in Marmora Not rated yet
This female just walked up to our deck on a very hot June afternoon.

The elusive albino Peacock Not rated yet
My wife and I live on a peaceful remote piece of property just outside of warkworth, Ontario. At least, it was peaceful before the city people came. …

Surprise Visitor Not rated yet
This bird was hanging around my yard today, I doesn't look to me that it is a turkey. Please let me know you thoughts on what type of bird this may …

Local resident of Temiskaming Shores ontario Not rated yet
Spotted June 21, 2020 crossing resident's driveways and lawns on Helmer Pederson Drive, Temiskaming Shores, New Liskeard, Ontario.

Peafowl Not rated yet
We were visited by a peahen! Very tame. It has decided to stay in our backyard for over 24 hours.

Peacock sighting near Lloydtown, Ontario Not rated yet
Peacock sighting on 19th Sideroad just east of 12th Concession on April 25, 2020. Very tame and stayed on the road for several minutes observing us …

Beautiful sight in Mulmur, Ontario Not rated yet
We went for a country drive to get out of the house during this Covid19 isolation time with our Turkey-hunting family. What a surprise when this beautiful …

Peacock in Fisherville Ontario Not rated yet
We were out for a drive and found this beautiful peacock in Fisherville, Ontario near lake Erie. It was just strolling around and even approached our …

3 Peahens and A Baby! Not rated yet
Seen crossing the road in Mildmay, Grey-Bruce county Ontario (with pictures!) Thank you for sending us your great picture of these peafowl.

Peacocks near Kitchener  Not rated yet
Spotted this Peacock on Shouldice Side Road between Glen Morris and Kitchener Ontario. Very tame. Thank you for sending us these great pictures …

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