Peacocks Galore!

by James, Barry, Terry, Linda, Randy, Debbie & Marissa, Karen
(Caledon, Wasaga Beach, New Tecumseth, Sarnia, Lasalle, Barrie, Midland, Huntsville, Pickering, St Marys )

Barrie from Wasaga Beach wrote ... I just saw two peacocks walking across the road in Glencairn. Very surprised. They were beautiful!

James from Caledon said ... I often take a pleasure drive around several rolling hills of Caledon. Yesterday, I passed a vehicle that was stopped to look at beautiful looking peacock that was walking un-phased without a worry in the world along the side of a dirt road when I slowly passed it. I was not sure they could survive our winters to my surprise after reading this article I learned they can. I also noticed that some people actually breed and sell them on Kijiji for around 200 dollars. They are the most amazingly and beautiful bird that I have ever seen with all of those vibrant colours, mind you this perfectly healthy specimen was only dragging its long colourful feathers down the road. It is nice to see but we also have natural predators like coyote and fox in Caledon and the male isn't the most camouflaged bird in the world, but I have also learned that they can fly somewhat, like our wild Turkeys. Lastly, ahem, I also understand they are mighty good eating too! Taste amazingly great they say! Should one of these beast be too untrained, nasty, too loud, or a pest in any way there are is great use for them better than duck or pheasant and their feathers would also make for very cool decor.

One of our readers from New Tecumseth says ... I spotted a Male Peafowl on 11th side road near Schomberg Ontario. It was picking through a recycling container at the end of someone’s driveway.

One of our readers said ... As a teen I worked at the African Lion Safari often herding the Peacocks and as an adult I frequently hunt Turkey and other wild birds native to Ontario. With extensive experience with Peahens and any bird they could be mistaken with I can verify that I saw and followed on foot (for about 200 metres at a distance of approx 2-4 metres behind) 2 females North of Huntsville, Ontario in 2018.

Terry from Sarnia said ... a few weeks ago in December, I saw 5 to 7 of these birds on a road that runs between Sarnia and Petrolia, Ontario. They were standing about 30 ft from the edge of the road near a bush. I take different routes but I think it was either on Churchill Line or Confederation Road. I was driving a big truck and it wasn't possible to safely stop to take pictures. I have seen Peacocks in the Tampa, Florida area many times just walking around the bushes. Seeing them around here is a first for me.
One of our readers from Lasalle wrote ... my husband was driving yesterday and spotted a wild Peacock going into Joy Woods in Lasalle. Sorry no photo.

Linda from Barrie said ... my husband and I were out for a drive in the country 2 days ago. We were driving along Hogback Rd, near New Lowell, Ontario. I noticed up ahead, just off the road, there were 4 large birds, only about 5 or 6 feet from the road. As we got closer, I realized that they were peacocks. We stopped, amazed, and watched them, and they paid no attention to us at all. I had no idea we had peacocks here, but, I will be watching for them from now on, they are so beautiful, I feel blessed. We plan on going back to the same area often to see if we can see them again.

Randy from Midland reported ... On November 11th coming from Orillia to Midland about 4:50 pm I saw a peacock cross in front of me in Fesserton, and it wasn't a wild turkey.

Debbie & Marissa wrote ... we saw a peacock or peahen (perhaps a female, black in colour with deep red feathers on its back). It was sighted in Pickering, Ontario crossing Bayly Road just west of Church St. It was calmly crossing the road toward a forested area and seemed unconcerned about the cars.

Karen from St Marys saw a Peahen ... the legs too long to be a turkey vulture. Not a goose either. Not a duck. Peahen? We heard these have been sighted. We have a pretty big back yard, I could only a picture with phone from inside the house, at a distance.

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