Is there a Green Finch in London, Ontario?

by Marg Stray
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Sorry, no photo. Today I saw what I thought was a Finch, but none of my neighbours thought there was a green Finch in London. Just Red or Gold and Purple Finches, with brown.

I saw it on a rainy late afternoon around 6.30pm, Sunday August 14, 2011, at the entrance to the Cherryhill Village Activity club, 190 Cherryhill Circle., London.

There is a flower garden there with birdhouses, etc.

It looked the size of the Red finches around here, but its lower back and tail were green like a parakeet green colour.

In all my years I have never seen one like this and I am 68!

When I looked it up in my bird books the closest to it was a female green, Coloured Bunting, but they live in the Southern United States.

Can anyone help me out here? I don't have use of a camera and I didn't imagine it. It was not a parakeet.

Thanks for your submission, Marg, I have no idea what the bird could be, but maybe one of our readers will know!

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Green Finch?
by: Julie

I just saw a bird arrive this morning along side a Gold Finch. First time I have ever seen this green bird. It's almost identical to the Gold Finch with the black/white on the wings but green. Yet I can't find anything about it online. At least I'm not the only one to see it. LOL But am now wondering if the Gold Finch can vary in colour?

Yes, it is the drab, olive green colour that they wear during the winter. The bright gold is their breeding / summer plumage. If you google American Goldfinch winter plumage, you should see pictures of the bird.

I saw this bird in Hamilton, Ontario today!
by: Jared

I also thought I saw a green parakeet just outside my window this morning! He was the size of a little finch and his orange beak seemed really finch-like too. But his greenish-yellow feathers were definitely parakeet-like! I was amazed too because I've never seen a bird of this colour in Canada.

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