Green birds in Brampton

by Dolores Sampson
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I have a flock of these green birds with black striped tails that visit my feeder here in Brampton, Ontario.

They are quite small, I haven't had any luck in finding a name for them.

Also last week I had a visit form a brown bird with a red cap and red back tails, big as a Robin - I would like to know what breed he is.

I'd like to know what these birds are too!

There is nothing that springs to mind, but our readers are a smart group, so maybe someone will know and will be able to identify these birds for you!

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Female Northern Cardinal & American Goldfinch
by: Alexis

I'm wondering if the larger bird is a female Northern Cardinal. Their bodies are brownish-buff with a red crest on their head and reddish tail. They have an orange bill and black markings around their eyes and just beneath their bill.

The greenish flock of small birds could be American Goldfinch. In the summer they're a bright yellow, but over winter their winter coat could be described as a greenish-yellow or greenish-brown. Their wings and tail are black with white bands on their wings. They like to eat seed but their favourite food is nyger seeds.

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