Two Unusual Types of Birds in One Day

by Maria
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


First one: looked like a Sparrow (there were 2 of them), except when I looked closer in binocular, they had chipmunk stripes on their heads and a penny-size small bright yellow spot on the neck at the beak level, on the front.

Second one: It came alone. Even dark gray color all over, shaped like a Robin, but a tad smaller/thinner. Had black legs, which are not short ones like Starlings, but taller, like Robins, and a black beak.

Who are they?

I saw them for very short 10 minutes time – first time in 5 years at my backyard.

Thank you for writing to us.

I'm not sure about the identity of your birds, but I suspect the second one might be a Gray Catbird – I hear them in the woods at my house, and very rarely see them, but when I do, they are grey all over with black legs and beak.

Perhaps one of our readers will be able to identify these birds for you.

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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