Mystery Bird

by Richard R. Forget
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

What is the name of this bird? I never saw it before in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Perhaps climate warming have caused these birds to migrate to different parts of the continent.

They're very spooky and difficult to photogrpah.

I had to use the 300 mm lens on my Nikon dSLR to get these phntos.

I checked many websites but I cannot identify this bird.

Please help.

Hello Richard, I think I have identified your mystery bird!

This is a Northern Flicker and you can see more pictures at this website Utah Birds.

You can find information about these ground-feeding members of the Woodpecker family, at this All About Birds website

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Northern Flicker
by: Matt

I agree. This looks like a Northern Flicker to me as well.

Mystery bird
by: Linda

I have seen this bird in Hamilton and was actually trying to find out what it is. Very unique.

Northern Flicker
by: Charlene

Looks like a Northern Flicker.

I've noticed a lot of these this year
by: Lisa Birtch

But, they are not uncommon!

Sometimes I wonder how I didn't notice things before, then all of a sudden, they seem to be all around!

Here is a link to a post and a photo I got of one this spring.

Happy bird watching!

Lisa Birtch Photography

Hi Lisa, thanks for your info!

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