Help with Bird Book

by Valencia
(Ontario, Canada)

Red Winged Blackbird

Red Winged Blackbird

I've just caught on to bird watching in my backyard and am fascinated. I live in Ontario, Canada and have bird feeders and lots of flowers in my garden. I also take pictures and make calendars of my flowers and birds.

I got an idea of writing a very small book with pictures, on the birds that come to my garden, to give my two grandchildlren, age 9 and 3.

Could you be so kind to let me know some websites where I can go for points to start off my story?

Thanks for any help.

Hello Valencia, Thank you for your question. You can find information on our website - here at our
Backyard Birds section and also at the following sites


Ontario Birds

Flickr - Birdshare

I hope you find what you are looking for - what a lovely idea it is to make books for your grandchildren! I hope this helps - I have added a few photos of birds that you might find in Ontario backyards. I am also adding this to my website, so that other readers might decide to do something similar.

Barb (Webmistress)

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Make your own book
by: Michael Bradt

Hi, you can try a great website called, Blurb. Yes, Blurb. You download the software to make your own book and it is free. You just pay for the book and shipping is extra. You can also view other book on line.

Enter Bird or nature Books on the Blurb website and I'm sure you can view a few books that others have done. They also sell your books on line if you want to share your talent with others.

Right now they have a promotion to save money on your next book. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Michael Bradt

Thanks for the info, Mike, I'm sure other people will find this very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Here's an interesting site
by: Barb (Webmistress)

I just found this website that might be of interest to you. Nature Photography for Beginners

This section of the website shows a hand-written book, with lots of pictures, and I thought perhaps you might find some info there, and in the rest of the site.

Good Luck - let me know how your book turns out!


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