Which is this bird?

by Suresh Nelli
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)


Hi everyone, May 16, 2017

I would like to know the name of this bird I keep seeing every morning. Basically black in colour. Angry looking. So God decided to paint him blue but escaped and flew away from His hand, as soon as he finished half the way.

I live in Burlington - Fairview Sreet. As soon as get the name I shall be posting it in my instagram - nellikode.

Thanks & regards to all bird-watchers.

I do believe that you have a Grackle there -
perhaps one of our readers will know for sure.

I will also post this on our facebook page and maybe one of our facebook followers will be able to identify it.

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The Bully Bird
by: deltlover

It is a Grackle.

Which is this bird?
by: Bill

Just call it Blue Thunder, it's pissed off because it has a blue head and it attacks like thunder! lol...
I have never seen that type of bird before, it looks beautiful though. Maybe it has a nest close by that it's protecting, most birds do that.

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