A strange bird at our back door

by Wendy F
(Southern Niagara)

We had a visit from a Robin-size black bird with a fluffy head and white banding at the bottom of his tail feathers.

The tail feathers are rounded, his beak is medium length and he doesn't have much else in distinguishing features.

We thought maybe he was a Woodpecker as there are quite a few here in southern Niagara, but another friend said maybe a Wren of some type.

He spent a couple of days trying to fly through our windows, presumably to get at his reflection.

Any idea what family he might belong to?

I was unable to get a picture of him as he would fly off to the nearest tree when we got close and vent his displeasure at us.

Hmmm..... I'm not sure what this could be, but I bet one of our readers will know.

I doubt it will be a Wren as they are much smaller than a Robin, more sparrow-sized or smaller.

Dear Readers - If you can any idea what this bird might be, please let us know in the comments below - thank you!

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Stranger in the backyard
by: Anonymous

Not quite as lovely as this guy. We're pretty sure it was a King Bird. He has left my yard but is still in the area. Can't help you with yours.

Okay, I'm glad you figured out what your mystery bird was. This one is a Northern Flicker and they are widespread across Ontario.

First time in my backyard
by: Etienne

I saw a robin-sized bird with a black crescent shape under its throat and a red spot at base of head. Bird is light brown, tawny coloured. What is it?

Did it look like this bird?

Stranger at the back door
by: Wendy F

He did not have any white on his chest. The white on his tail feathers was scalloped. I will look up a picture of the Eastern King and see if he is the one. We are outside of the city so I get to see all sorts of wonderful species.

Regarding robin sized bird
by: Alison

Did this bird have white on its breast? If it did, it could be an Eastern Kingbird. Although they are usually seen in the country, not in towns.

Strange bird at back door
by: Rick

It could be a eastern King bird

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