St Thomas Junco

by Bushwah
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

We had one in our back sunroom this past weekend in St Thomas. I'd never seen one at the seed we toss out every day for sparrows and squirrels. It couldn't have been back there long (the indoor cats have access from the laundry room via a cat flap, but there had been no cat stirrings), and I have no idea how it got in.

It was flapping against a window, so I got hold of it and tried to put it out the door but it didn't seem to want to go. It started flapping against the window beside the door. Then I got hold of it again, and it sat quietly on my open hand for a couple of minutes and I was able to stroke it. I have pix! :) I figured it was tired out.

It seemed to rally, so I closed my hands around it to take it away from the window to the door, and when I let it go it flew straight away to the roof of the neighbour's garage and then was gone.

I asked google images for Ontario birds and quickly found the answer here -- actually a male Slate Junco.

Darn cute little beggar!

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