my favourite birds are...

by Wilson
(Ontario, CND)

I like Blue Jays, Bald Eagles, Grey Jays, and I like Blackcapped Chickadees.

Blues Jays live in a nest in the forest. Their colours are blue & white. They live in Canada all year round.

Bald Eagles live out in the country and they eat little mammals like a mouse. Their colours are white And brown.

Grey Jays live in a nest in the forest like Blue Jays. They eat nuts and berries like the Blue Jays.

The Blackcapped Chickadees eat berries and nuts just like the Blue Jays and the Grey Jays.

I also like Cardinals, they eat berries and nuts too.

Most birds the males are prettier than the females because the males have brighter colours.

They all live in Canada even in the winter. My name is Wilson and I live in Ontario, Canada and I am 6 years old and I like birds.

Thank you, Wilson, for writing to tell us about your favourite birds. You know what? Those birds are some of my favourites too!

I love it when the noisy Blue Jays come to our bird-feeder and eat the peanuts we put out for them, and the Cardinals too who come mostly in the winter, they are such a beautiful colour.

Please write to us again - maybe you would like to tell us about your favourite animals!

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