What kind of bird is this?

by Kate
(Woodstock, Ontario, Canada)


I had this bird stuck at the bottom of my chimney and I saved it's life :) What a great feeling!

I was just as scared as he/she was.

When ever I got close to reaching down and getting it out, it would hiss at me sending me running... lol, so I used the towel trick and after about an hour of trying to help it, I finally got it out!

Took the big bird to my front yard and set it down gently and let go of it. He/she ran across my yard then took flight.

Was nice to see it wasn't hurt in the process of saving it. It's just a bird, but it gave me such a good feeling knowing it would have died in there if I hadn't have saved him.

If you know what kind of bird this is please let me know.

If I were to guess I would think some kind of Goose or Duck as its beak was round and not pointed, but I know very little about birds so I could be totally off.

Poor little thing - I'm glad you were able to rescue it!

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy it.


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Female Wood Duck
by: Brant Birder

That looks to be either a female Wood Duck or a female Mandarin Duck they both look similar ! They both nest in holes in a tree that could explain why it went down the chimney!

Lucky Ducky !
by: n0va59

Wow good for you....good for the duck....congrats :)

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