Possible Birds for your website

by Margaret Manthey
(Cottage - Wolfe Lake, Rideau Twp., Ontario, Canada)

I wrote a birding article for the Wolfe Lake Associations newsletter in 2009 (Westport area) and the birds I featured are a few of those that I usually see and hear around the lake.

Here are some ideas for your next featured birds:

Eastern Wood-Pewee
Common Yellowthroat

I've included a link (below) to the newsletter, and you can scroll down to page 2 to see my article.

Newsletter Article

Also, I think the Wood Thrush is a lovely species, as is the Veery. I hear them in the woods around our cottage all the time. Don't forget our wonderful Owls! (So many fantastic birds to choose from!)

Best regards,

M. Manthey

Thank you Margaret, I will include some of your suggested birds soon! Perhaps you would like to share your knowledge of the beautiful birds in your area, with our readers - we would love to hear more about some of the birds you mentioned!

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Great suggestions
by: Steve

Those are great ideas for birds for this website, Margaret, I also liked your article - great pictures and very interesting.

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