Help to identify large brown bird with red and white markings

by Kelly
(Kincardine, ON, Canada)

We live in Kincardine, Ontario, and have always had a great variety of birds in our yard, but there is a new bird come to roost this spring.

We have Cardinals and originally thought this new bird was a female due to the colouring.

However, our bird is substantially larger than that.

Larger than the Robins, perhaps comparable to the Blackbirds/Crows.

This bird has a beautiful large tail which it fans out, dark brown/tan wings, tail etc., with reddish tones around the neck (and possibly beak?), darker red under the wings.

And when it takes flight and spreads its wings, its back is snow white.

Please put our curiosity to rest!

I'm not sure what that bird could be, but perhaps one of our readers will know and be able to enlighten us!

Meanwhile, if you get a picture of the bird, please send it to us and I will add it to your submission.

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Northern Flicker identified
by: Kelly

Jennifer you are right!

With the help of an expert at the county, we decided the bird is in fact a Northern Flicker.

Was not able to get a picture as the bird was only around for about a week last spring, but then returned in the fall with the whole family.

That was when we realized it was a migration pattern.

This also helped in the identification as these birds do not live in this area.

Mystery solved!!! My beautiful bird has a name.

Northern Flicker?
by: Jennifer R

Maybe it's a Northern Flicker?

Same bird in Tennessee?
by: Anonymous

I have seen pretty much the same type of bird here in mid/North Tennessee. Fairly large, brownish and when in flight it's back is white. Also flies away before I can get a good look. It is driving me crazy trying to identify it.

Me Too
by: Anonymous

I just saw the same thing in my back yard, reddish head, it had spotted wings a black square on its chest and it seemed pretty big with a longish beak, when it flew away I saw the pure white back...

White Back
by: Anonymous

Saw the same bird. It is driving me crazy trying to find it. The one I saw had hints of yellow. Its back was snow white.

The Brownish Bird with the white back!
by: Mike M.

I found this website while trying to indentify the exact same bird! It is elusive!

Whenever I catch sight of it it is quick to leave!

That is when I always see the white back.

It's starting to drive me crazy not knowing what it is!

Can someone please put my curiosity to rest and tell me what bird this thing is?

I live in Wingham, Ontario.

I'm hoping that some one will know what this bird is and will be able to identify it for us!

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