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Possum in London! 
My husband and I were walking through Greenway Park / Springbank Park in London, Ontario, watching for Bald Eagles. A woman was standing on …

Beaverton Possum 
A week ago we saw a baby Possum under our garage deck. Cute little thing. We did feed it dry cat food. The weather was mild and then turned cold and …

Hamilton Possum 
I spotted this little Opossum in my backyard.

Possum in Toronto 
I live in Toronto (Scarborough, the east end) and my dogs were after something in my yard last night which appeared to be dead. It was dark in …

Baby possums found alive in dead mother's pouch 
My neighbour's dog killed a Possum and he threw it over the fence. I went to bury it and found some babies still alive in the pouch, even though the …

Oakville Possum 
We live in Oakville, and we just found out we have a visitor who decided to sleep at a corner outside our house. It looks like a baby Possum.

Guildwood Scarborough Possum visitor 
Our cat got up last night, March 10, around 9:30 pm to stare out the patio doors. It turns out we had a Possum visiting the stale trail mix I had put …

Belleville Possum 
This Possum first appeared in backyard in fall and suddenly re-appeared March 8, looking very weak and hungry. Was fed dried cat food and ate every …

March 2015 Possum 
Spotted at Lynde Shores Conservation Area, Whitby, Ontario. This Possum was trudging through the snow, poking its nose into the snow looking for …

Possums and more Possums Not rated yet
A McCormick from Moss Park, Toronto said ... I have seen two in the last two months, an adult and a baby. Setting in my backyard about nine o'clock in …

Possums on the move Not rated yet
Leona from Mississauga wrote to say ... I happened to look out our kitchen sliding doors tonight and, seeing movement there, assumed it was the usual raccoon. …

Oshawa Possum Not rated yet
I was about to throw some cans into my blue bin this morning, but there is a Possum sleeping in there. It's still there!

My dogs caught a Possum this morning in my backyard! Not rated yet
I live in Kitchener, Ontario, and this morning I was looking out my kitchen window to the backyard and saw my dogs running behind our waterfalls. …

Possum in Barrie Not rated yet
Possum spotted crossing the road in the south end of Barrie. Moved slowly.

Various Possum Sightings Not rated yet
We have had a host of Possum sightings recently! Bibi from Brampton, Ontario, wrote to say ..... Yesterday I went to move the vines covering my bird …

Possum in Toronto Not rated yet
Spotted a Possum in my backyard around midnight on May 2nd 2015. Took a picture but it is not the best quality. This was on Glencairn Ave, just …

The Possums of March Not rated yet
A reader from Port Perry, Ontario, wrote to say ..... No pix to share, but a large Possum just passed the window under a stand of cedars. Caught the cats …

Possums in and around the GTA Not rated yet
On March 14th, a reader reported ..... Sighted a Possum this morning running across a neighbours lawn. Etobicoke area Eglinton/Lloyd Manor. …

Spring Possum in Brant County Not rated yet
I live in the County of Brant, near the Brantford airport. This little guy had a long stare down with my German Shepherd Dog. Neither of them …

The Possums of early March 2015 Not rated yet
In the first couple of weeks of March, we received numerous reports of Possums sighted around the province - here are some of them that you may find interesting. …

Backyard Possum Not rated yet
Possum hanging out in the backyard in Scarborough, Ontario! Thanks Anne, for sending us these cute pictures!

Toronto (Sheppard & Kennedy) Not rated yet
This Possum would rather walk on a window ledge to avoid walking in the snow. Photo taken March 9. I can see him now, peeking out!

Holland Landing Possum Not rated yet
Holland Landing Ontario - one of our readers wrote to say ... this possum has been hanging around the back door at my place of work all day today. I've …

Possum in Stoney Point Not rated yet
When we came home today, this Possum was on top of the neighbour's composter. He/she watched us unload the groceries and didn't mind getting his/her …

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Plenty of Possums sighted Not rated yet
Marilyn from Cobourg said ..... I am pretty sure we have a small Possum in our garage. I saw a brown and white animal with a long tail run from my garbage …

More Possums Not rated yet
Marly from Waterdown, Ontario, wrote to say ..... My large Standard Poodle caught a Possum one night. I managed to get her to drop it. Fortunately she …

Our Guardian Possum Not rated yet
I have a possum and he's living in my backyard, although I've yet to determine where. Since October I've been hearing leaves rustling in our backyard …

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