My dogs caught a Possum this morning in my backyard!

by Carmen Jaray
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Kitchener, Ontario, and this morning I was looking out my kitchen window to the backyard and saw my dogs running behind our waterfalls.

They do this frequently because there are always squirrels and bunnies running around back there.

They normally don't catch anything, until this morning when my female Alaskan Malamute, Tehya, came out with something in her mouth. I thought it was a bunny. She dropped it on the grass and both her and Kodah were sniffing it, I ran out and yelled at them to stop.

I got them in the house then went out grabbed a shovel to pick it up and throw it over the fence because I thought it was dead. When I got closer to it, I realized it wasn't a bunny, but a Possum!

It was playing dead, which of course I didn't realize at the time, until I wanted to take a picture of it and it hissed at me! Scared me to death! I dropped the shovel and ran into the house.

I watched out of my kitchen window for a while and then it popped it's head up. It looked around for a bit then got up and slowly moved over to my pond, which has fish in it, I went back outside and yelled at him, as I didn't want him eating my fish, he came back up from the pond and I snapped a few more pictures of him.

He then slowly limped over into the bushes between my pond and my shed. There was no blood so I hope he is ok and will get out of my back yard and not come back because I don't want my dogs getting him again.

I hope he remembers there are dogs in this yard. And hopefully he doesn't go into the neighbours yard either because they have 3 golden retrievers!

Thank you so much for sending us your pictures and amusing story about your Possum, I know our readers will enjoy this as much as I did!

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