Possum in Toronto

by Diane Akhriff
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Toronto (Scarborough, the east end) and my dogs were after something in my yard last night which appeared to be dead.

It was dark in that part of my yard so when I shone the flashlight on it, I thought it was squirrel that had fallen to it`s death from a tree.

Then I noticed a big white rat-like tail so, I thought it was a rat.

Meanwhile, my German Shepherd kept trying to grab and kill it so I put the dogs in the house and went back thinking that I pick the carcass up in a shovel and put it out of the way for burial the next day.

To keep the dogs away from it, I closed a gate that closes off that part of the yard.

When I went back and had a better look I saw that it had a big ugly white snout like a possum.

I left it alone over night and when I wet back it was gone. It must have been playing possum.

I'm really glad that I didn't pick it up in a shovel and then have come alive on me with no dog around to protect me. I`m also glad that my dog didn't kill it.

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Possums don't attack, they run away
by: Anonymous

Possums play dead and run away. I don't think I've ever heard of a possum attacking.

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