Possums in and around the GTA

by Anna, Helena, Jenny
(Etobicoke, Toronto, High Park area)

On March 14th, a reader reported ..... Sighted a Possum this morning running across a neighbours lawn. Etobicoke area Eglinton/Lloyd Manor.

Another reader said ..... Spotted one running northbound on Bay, just north of King at 1:15 a.m. on March 17th.

On March 19th, Anna Maria McLean from Toronto wrote to say ..... I just spotted a very healthy looking Possum in my backyard this evening. It's about 9:00 pm and it's -2. I live in Toronto, Etobicoke North, off a golf course. Very exciting to see the critter. He/she was stunned while we watched and then ran off when our dog began to bark.

March 20th, Helena wrote to say ..... I've spotted Possums on two different occasions in my High Park West area. Both times in the evening in summer. Mistook one strolling down a side street as a raccoon until I got closer. Nice looking creatures. Previous to that my neighbour found one in late winter, wedged between her house and the one built very closely next door. Unfortunately, it had frozen to death. Here's hoping future generations can somehow eventually adapt.

March 21st, Possum spotted in Etobicoke ..... Lingering on Kipling avenue, last seen on top of a fence. Appears as if he climbed up and now has no idea how to get back down. Not afraid of people approaching him, although the he looks like a giant rat, he appears to be friendly

March 21st, Jenny from the West end, Toronto, wrote to say ..... Spotted this morning in the west end of Toronto. Little Possum and I went eye to eye through the glass in our screen door at around 7 am this morning as she came up the steps to our front porch. Obviously not a panic artist, she checked me over for several seconds, then turned and went back down into the garden.

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