More Possums

by Marly, Richard, Ken, Judy, John, Ann, Maria, Paul-the-hunter, Ray
(Waterdown, Oshawa, Scarborough, Grimsby, North York, Cambridge, Thornhill, )

Marly from Waterdown, Ontario, wrote to say ..... My large Standard Poodle caught a Possum one night. I managed to get her to drop it. Fortunately she has a very soft mouth. Blood was not drawn. The little soul "played possum" and left our back yard when we went indoors. We back onto a conservation area so I expect she will be back - I hope so.

Question: what can I do to make an area that she can crawl into and keep warm.

Richard Hachie from Oshawa said ..... I came home from work last night and my wife had put two garbage bags out in my driveway. As I walked by something was shuffling in the bag. I approached cautiously figuring it could be a dog or worst a skunk, and out popped a gray and white animal about 16" long and 8" wide that I swore looked like a Possum. It looked at me and just turned and sauntered off! I was as close as 4 feet to it and it had no fear of me. I was sure it looked like a Possum, but my family thinks I am crazy, until I found this site. I will try to get a picture if I run a cross it again, it moved like it was in no hurry and could reside close to my home.

Ken from Scarborough reported ..... We didn't know they were here, until we saw one walk past our window in the rain! Looked like a big wet rat with a white face. Amazing.

Judy from Grimsby said ..... Sighted one under a back yard bird feeder, the evening of January 21, 2015. Suspected to have been around more as I had previously seen tracks in the snow, but am unsure as to what they are, thinking that possibly it could have been a raccoon.

One of our readers said ..... Walking my dog this morning in Scarborough, Ontario, which is a suburb of Toronto. He was about 3 feet away from me and I had to blink twice as we do not normally see such wildlife in our neck of the woods. Raccoons or Skunks, yes, but not normally a Possum. I only wish I had a camera with me.

Another reader reported ..... I have a Possum living (or hiding) in my garage. I live in North York, Ontario. It is big - really big. It's also very scared. I first spotted it yesterday and believe it's still in there this morning. I hope it survives this very cold Winter.

John Grudden from Scarborough wrote to say ..... I saw an Opossum - first time in my life (30 years) on January 24 2014

Ann W, from North York ..... We have an Opossum that comes around in our backyard in north Toronto. It drives our Westie nuts!

Maria from Cambridge said .....I found one dead on top of my winter pool cover.
Paul-the-Hunter from Oshawa said ..... I caught two in my squirrel traps, cool little things!

Ray Spence from Thornhill said ..... One walked across my back patio at 10:00 pm on Saturday January 3rd, 2015. Seen by myself and my nephew, who is in college.

Thank you, dear readers, for sending us these reports of your Possum sightings.

I always enjoy receiving and reading them, and want to thank you for sharing them with us so that others can read about these interesting animals.

Marly - Possums usually find themselves somewhere out of the wind and snow, to spend the cold weather - often a hole under a garden shed, or under a porch. We have one that is spending his time under our concrete front steps! He seems to make it through the cold each year as we keep seeing him. Even if you provided him with something, like a dog-house, he likely wouldn't use it, but if you got a bale of straw or hay, and put clumps of it where he is likely to find it, he may use it as bedding, perhaps.

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