The Possums of March

by Judy, Michael, Kingsley, Reg, Ren
(Port Perry, Trenton, Grimsby, Agincourt, Campbellford, London, Mt Brydges, Aurora, Cambridge, Courtice)

A reader from Port Perry, Ontario, wrote to say ..... No pix to share, but a large Possum just passed the window under a stand of cedars. Caught the cats attention which drew ours.

H from Trenton, Ontario, said ..... My wife and I were driving home just outside of Trenton in March 2015 and there it was standing in the middle of the road. It must have been scared by the head-lights of the car as it did not move. We slowed down and had a look at it. Still it just lay there, it was alive but scared. We drove around it and I guess it went on its way as it was not there the next day.

Judy from Grimsby, Ontario, asks ..... A Possum was at our birdfeeders and roaming our back 'yard' land (we're on a farm) in the middle of the day. The dogs, fortunately fenced, went nuts, had to keep them inside. Anyone know if there's a danger to small dogs?

Michael from Agincourt, Ontario reports ..... A Possum was roaming my mother's backyard in the middle of Agincourt - Brimley and Finch area. Happy and calm as can be, a nice big Possum making his way through the the adjoining backyards on Shellamwood Trail.

On March 12th 2015, A reader said ..... I spotted one along side road at Trent River north of Campbellford, Ontario. It walked with a sluggish limp down a driveway and into someone's yard. The tail and head were distinctive. It was large, likely male.

A reader from London wrote to say ..... Saw a possum in northwest London Ontario at night March 20 2015.

A reader from Mt Brydges, Ontario said ..... 10:00 am Wednesday March 25 2015 - coming out of the back bush that has been logged of Ash trees. One is the size of a house cat and the other was much smaller.

March 20th Kingsley from Aurora said ..... Saw one adult on my front lawn; Aurora, Ontario.

March 21 Reg from Aurora 5 p.m. March 20/15, noticed, for the first time, a Possum walking along the top rail of the fence in Aurora, Ontario. WIERD !!
A reader from Cambridge, Ontario asked ..... I looked out my kitchen window about 2:00 pm and saw an Opossum heading for the river. I was surprised because it was daylight and I thought they came out at night. A few years ago we had one in the backyard but it was night. Do they live in trees or in the ground - just wanted to know. Thanks.

Ren from Courtice reports ..... I saw one this morning crossing Harwood Ave near the 401 bridge, he was pretty fat so looks like he survived the winter. There's been a few in the area that I have seen over the last couple of years, can count them with one hand. Last sighting was a dead one in my area, Courtice, east of Oshawa.

Thank you for all your reports - it looks like many of the Possums around here survived the harsh winter we just had.

Judy, to my knowledge, Possums don't pose a threat to dogs, if cornered they are most likely to fall over and "play dead" until the potential threat has gone.

I do know, however, that they carry a bacteria which can be very dangerous to horses.

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