Plenty of Possums sighted

by Marilyn, Kieran, Cathy, N Draper, Chris, Dan Hanson, Heather, Paul Cane
(Cobourg, East Gwillumberry, Essex, Sarnia, Port Hope, Newcastle, Niagara Falls, Whitby, Pickering)

Marilyn from Cobourg said ..... I am pretty sure we have a small Possum in our garage. I saw a brown and white animal with a long tail run from my garbage in the garage. My husband saw it run into the garage when he opened the door to get the snow shovel. A neighbour said he saw it standing by the open garage door and was sure it was a Possum. We live in Cobourg, Ontario. I left the door open today for a while hoping it would leave, but there is so much snow that it probably doesn't want to.

Kieran from East Gwillumberry wrote to tell us about his midnight possum ..... my neighbor was walking their dogs when a possum was sat in the middle of the sidewalk and didn't move for hours, it's still there.

Cathy told us ..... I live in Essex (just outside of Windsor) we have one that has lived around here for about the last 2 years. I just spotted him tonight having a hard time making his way over the snow and freezing rain,;-(

From Sarnia one of our readers said ..... one started showing up around 4 in the afternoon, Seems very hungry so we have been feeding him.

N. draper Port Hope wrote to say ..... Today it is sunny and -5 C in Port Hope, Ontario. At 3:30 pm today I spotted a Possum under the bird feeder eating the droppings. After his meal he went under the garden shed. I know there is a bunny under there as well. Perhaps they are keeping each other warm! I will try & get a photo next time.

From Newcastle, Ontario, Chris reported ..... February 26, 2015 just outside Newcastle, Ontario, I saw a Possum walking along a rural road this evening around 5:30 p.m. At first I thought it was a stray cat, but when I pulled up alongside it, it clearly was a Possum. I thought they hibernated in the winter and I was surprised to see it no where near any cover at -10C.

Dan Hanson from Niagara Falls, Ontario, told us ..... I have a late night visitor at my porch, looks lonely and we have shooed him away with a broom previously, only for him to show up at my backdoor eating the apples that were left by the garbage.
Heather from Whitby said ..... One was in our blue box on our back deck on March 3 2015 at 10 pm. I opened the door and had a chat with him. I find they are very docile creatures.

Paul Cane of Pickering wrote to say ..... Out in our backyard walking along the fence. 4 o'clock in the afternoon of March 4th. First mild day in a while with no precipitation. South Pickering, Bottom of Whites Road. Not moving from behind a bush. Is this the playing possum move!. Can send pictures later if you want.

Thank you all so much for sending us your reports - it looks like the Possum is in Southern Ontario to stay!

Paul - if you would like to send a picture, please do so, I would be happy to add it to this page later.

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