Beaverton Possum

by Margo Clarke
(Beaverton, Ontario, Canada)

Little Ginny at the door

Little Ginny at the door

A week ago we saw a baby Possum under our garage deck.

Cute little thing. We did feed it dry cat food. The weather was mild and then turned cold and we now have snow.

On the day the recycle was picked up my husband placed the large empty bin on the garage porch. Possum climbed from a bench on the porch and got stuck in the bin.

We let it out and it ate more dry cat food. It was not seen for three days until today January 12/2016.

It was sitting at our back sliding door looking in. I fed it some dry cat food. I knew it was cold and could only stand so much of the cold on it's little feet.

It took turns coming back and forth to eat. I understand they do not burrow but find a comfortable dry spot to sleep. We have lots of spots for the possum around our yard, for example our woodpile that is enclosed on three sides.

It is such a little creature. I have pictures of the Virginia possum and I call her Ginny.

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by: Anonymous

Very cute little baby!

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