Baby possums found alive in dead mother's pouch

by Pamela Stewart
(Jackson's Point, Ontario)

My neighbour's dog killed a Possum and he threw it over the fence.

I went to bury it and found some babies still alive in the pouch, even though the mother appeared to have been dead for some time.

I took the dead mother and babies to a wild animal sanctuary because I didn't know how to save them.

I live in Jackson's Point on the south end of Lake Simcoe.

I hope they survive. The people at the Shades of Hope animal sanctuary said they are pretty young, but they were going to do their best to save them.

Thank you for your report - I too, hope they were able to save the little orphaned Possums.

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Thank you
by: Deborah

Thank you for what you did for those babies. At least you have given them a chance to survive.

by: Anonymous

Oh, so sad, the poor mother, I hate that dogs do that, sure hope those babies survive.

I haven't had an update on the youngsters, but I too, hope they're okay.

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