Winter in Ontario is traditionally a time of crisp, 
cold weather, bright sunny days and 
White Christmases!

Here in Southern Ontario, global warming seems to have had little effect on our winters, apart from making them a little less severe and perhaps not quite so cold as they once were.

We still experience lots of snow during winter in Ontario and most people who live here spend time outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

The average winter temperature here in the London area, ranges from about -8 Celsius (18 F) to -1 Celsius (30 F) although, at times it can be colder, however, during the winter months we do have periods when the weather is kind and the temperature is considerably warmer than that.

Winter follows Autumn, usually getting colder during late October. November can occasionally bring snow, but it doesn't last long and usually thaws quickly.

In December, snow that falls has a better chance of staying for longer, and this is the time when we replace the summer tires on our cars for winter tires!

Driving in winter in Canada can be a challenge, and extra caution is necessary, especially when driving in the first snow-storm of the season, when many motorists appear to have forgotten how to drive in snowy conditions.

Snow that falls around Christmas time has a good chance of sticking around for a while, as once the New Year arrives, we can get some really cold weather!

Skiing is a great way for families or individuals to spend time out-doors in the winter. The London Ski Club is located in the Byron area (south west London) and is a great place to learn to ski and for those with experience too.

For those who are experienced skiers, the slopes at Blue Mountain in Collingwood may be more to their taste.

Southern Ontario in winter, crisp and cold snow

Although we do receive heavy snow-fall in this area, the days are often sunny and bright, with the sky a brilliant shade of cloudless blue.

In fact, I seem to wear sunglasses more in the Winter than I do in the Summer!

Snowmobiling is our favourite Winter activity and hubby and I look forward to the time when we have had enough snow that the trails will be groomed and ready to go!

For information on snowmobiling and snowmobile trails in Ontario you may contact the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) for helpful information.

There are groomed snowmobile trails right across the Province of Ontario during the winter months, although a permit is required to ride on those trails, the link above will give information about where those permits may be purchased.

For information about Snowmobiling in this area of Southern Ontario, check out our Snowmobiling Pages

Three Children playing in the snow in winter on the beach at Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada

I remember the first Winter in Ontario that I spent here - we went for a drive to Port Stanley and were amazed to see that Lake Erie had frozen!

We were used to large bodies of water around Britain, being salt water, and therefore not freezing in the wintertime, but here was this huge lake, frozen solid as far as the eye could see!

Lots of people here in Ontario enjoy skiing, ice skating and other outdoor activities in the winter.

Hockey is a popular sport and has a great following here in Canada - some of the World's greatest Hockey players are Canadian.

If you want to experience a truly White Christmas, then you should plan a visit to Canada - we can't guarantee it, of course, but a White Christmas is highly likely here during winter in Ontario!

In the 41 years that I have lived in Canada, there were only four years when we did not have snow at Christmas, so you can see that a "green" Christmas is really unusual.

For information on Christmas in Canada, check out our pages.

Last winter, was very mild during November and December, but January and February were crisp and cold in Southern Ontario

In the picture, below, some White Tailed deer came into our orchard to feed on the bark and branches of our fruit trees, which delights me, but unfortunately infuriates my husband, as he has spent years tending the trees, which are now ready to start producing fruit.

small herd of white tailed deer in the apple orchard, Canada

For animals, winter in Ontario can be a time when food is difficult to find and each year the cold weather takes its toll on the wildlife in this area.

One White Tail Deer in the snow in Ontario looking at the Christmas decorations

We often leave some hay and a mineral lick where the deer can find them and hope that it will help them get through the winter.

This young deer came close to our house recently - he seemed curious about the deer decoration on the lawn!

We see many different types of birds here in the winter - the noisy and colourful Blue Jays , the Slate Juncos which often come to the bird-feeders in small flocks.

Bright red Male Cardinal in the winter snow, beautiful bird of Ontario

The shy Cardinals visit our garden daily, the acrobatic Nuthatches, the Chickadees with their friendly call of "Chicka-dee-dee-dee", and many others.

This male Cardinal is showing off his beautiful plumage for the camera.

His olive coloured mate is a little shyer than he is and is not seen as often at our bird-feeder.

The many migratory bird species of this area leave for warmer climes in the fall, before winter in Ontario really arrives, and we always eagerly look forward to their return each spring.

The beautiful Hummingbirds and Robins head south at the end of August or early September, with the other migratory species leaving soon after.

The birds that stay for the winter in Ontario are my favourites as they are more visible and easier to spot when the trees are bare.

The spectacular Northern Lights in Canada - Aurora Borealis

During the winter months you are more likely to see the Northern Lights in Southern Ontario.

For those who have never seen this amazing phenomenon, this is where the night sky is illuminated with glowing colours that wave as if blown by a cosmic wind - which is in fact what is actually happening!

Check out our page about the Aurora Borealis to find out more and to see a great video of these mysterious lights.

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