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Summer in Ontario ... at least in the Southern part of the Province, is often hot with very little rain, but sometimes we experience days of high humidity, especially if you are close to any of the Great Lakes.

Although many people know that Canada has really cold, snowy winters, many do not realize that we also enjoy long hot summers too!

The climate here means that Canadians and holidaymakers can enjoy all that Southern Ontario has to offer including Summer Festivals and Fairs, wonderful beaches, cottage holidays and much, much more!

Friends jumping on the beach

Sometime around the middle of June we enjoy the harvest of Strawberries , which to me, means that summer is truly here - there are many places to buy fresh, local strawberries and also places where you can pick your own.

Ontario strawberry

Local restaurants often serve these beautiful, delicious berries in their tasty deserts and salads.

If you click on this strawberry, you will find some recipes and a list of local growers here in Ontario!

By late summer this area also has its crop of tomatoes - luscious delicious fruits - we can grow them outside here, and they are also grown commercially for fRENCH'S Ketchup.

Click on the tomato above for more information and recipes for this healthy summer crop.

Hot Air balloon - Balloonfest, London, Ontario

The temperature in Canada is measured in degrees Celsius, or ºC.

During June the average temperature recorded at the London Airport is a comfortable 23.8ºC, with a typically low temperature of 12ºC.

A sizzling high temperature of 38.2ºC was reached on June 11, 1972.

In July the temperature in this area typically reaches 26.3ºC with an average minimum temperature of around 14.6ºC degrees.

During the month of August, 25.2ºC is the average high temperature with 13.7ºC being the average low daily temperature.

So you can see that summer in Ontario can be perfect for enjoying so many outdoor activities - fishing, sailing, camping, Hiking and picnicking in the park.

Average Daily Summer Temperature
June 23.8ºC
July 26.3ºC
August 25.2ºC

Environment Canada is a great site for lots of information on climate in this area.

Small blonde child being splashed by waves, Lake Erie, Port Stanley, Ontario, 2005

Summer in Ontario Info ...


Lake Erie villages and beaches that are among my favourites include Port Stanley , which is south of London and St Thomas, Port Bruce which is a little further east and is south of Aylmer, Port Burwell, which is at the end of Highway 19 south of Tillsonburg.

Port Dover is another of our favourites and we love the peaceful little beach on Heritage Road in Kingsville.

On the Lake Huron shore, some of our favourite places to visit in Summer include Grand Bend, Goderich, Bayfield, the Pinery and Point Farms Provincial Parks.

Couple with small child on beach looking out over the water

Some of our Favourite Villages are also great places to visit in the Summer - such as the village of Sparta with the Peter Robson Studio, Winter Wheat, Sparta Candles store and the Sparta House Tea Room and Restaurant - this is a great place to explore when you are out for a Sunday drive.

A favourite pastime for many people in Southern Ontario in Summer, is fishing the many lakes and rivers around here, and especially the Great Lakes in this area - Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

This video tells you how to catch yourself a pail-full of Small Mouth Bass!

Link to Our Favourite Villages Page
Summer in Ontario!

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