Scarborough Coyotes

by Dale Kennedy
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

I live on the Birkdale Ravine and have seen for years Coyotes, Fox, and once a Wolf.

Last night, March 2nd 2012, my neighbour saw, at our back fence, a Coyote who came up from the creek, defecated and then went back down.

He has a female and we see her also - they have a den close by, but I don't know where exactly.

I have a Chihuahua and a larger dog, but go out with them so the coyote won't jump the fence and make a meal out of my little one.

I will be watching for their pups when they are born.

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Coyotes and Foxes in Birkdale Ravine
by: Anonymous

I live in the Birkdale Ravine also and have personally seen coyotes a number of times. I have seen them twice in November and twice in March. I don't know if these months are significant in any way. The November sightings were at dusk when I was walking my dog and the March sightings were during the day. I also saw a fox just last week.

by: Anonymous

I was in the neighbourhood on July 1st for the Canada Day Parade and went for a bike ride after the parade near the ravine.

Saw a Coyote sitting really close to the walkway.

Dear Kill In Birkdale Ravine
by: Dave Barnes

Hi Dale, On May 6 2012 there was a reported Deer kill in the Birkdale Ravine, someone posted a note saying it was dogs off their leash.

I have not been able to confirm this, but if so it may have been Coyotes.

If you have any information, the Friends of Birkdale ravine would like to know more - contact


Jumpin fences
by: Anonymous

That's living with Nature!

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