Roger's Robins

by Roger

Just before New Year, we had 6 Robins in our front yard, they were eating little blue berries off the tree, I think its a cedar. They are always here in the summer.

Today is December 22nd 2010. Will they stay longer? We saw them last year, but not for as long. Will they go south? The ground is frozen, so they can't find worms. What else will they eat this time of year?

The birds did leave a couple of days later. But it was nice to see them until then.

The Robins in Southern Ontario usually leave before this, perhaps these six in your yard are the last of the Robins that are heading south for the winter.

Holly, one of our readers in the Niagara area, also saw a flock of Robins over the weekend.

I'm not sure if they will stay long - would it be possible for you to feed them some high fat foods, such as chopped up bacon rinds or suet, which will give them the energy they need for their long journey south?

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