A fertile jewel in the 
sparkling blue lake

Pelee Island may be somewhere you would love, if bird watching, bicycling, fishing, and winery touring, are things you enjoy!

"Découvrir l'île Pelée !"

This small island sits in Lake Erie and you can only get there by ferry - from either Leamington and Kingsville, Ontario, or Sandusky, Ohio.

Pelee Island grape vines

This is the home of Pelee Island Winery's vineyards, where Winery tours are available between May and October.

The tours include a pavilion tour and wine seminar.

Ramble the grounds of the Pavilion itself; learning about some of the history of the Winery, as well as the reasons why it is such a great place for grapes to grow.

The wine appreciation seminar will give you an in-depth look at the process of making wine.

For more information contact the Island Winery at the link below.

With a total of 10,000 acres of vineyards, farms, parks, beaches, and forest, this little island is a great place to visit.

Many people may not realize that over half of the 50 American states are north of here, including Northern California.

Pelee Island wines

The island is on the same latitude as the great wine regions of the world, including northern Portugal & Spain, Italy, Germany and France, which is why grapes grow so well here.

The island is home to approximately 170 permanent residents, many of whom are involved in service or agriculture on the Island.

In the Fall, organized Pheasant hunts take place on the island and this is a major source of revenue for the residents.

The hotels and Bed & Breakfast accommodations need extra maids and cooks, and help is often recruited from the mainland.

Pelee Island pheasant hunt

If you plan to stay overnight here, there are a number of comfortable Bed and Breakfasts that will be happy to accommodate you, all of whom serve the local wines of the Island.

There is a main road which stretches around the perimeter of the island and provides an excellent route to cycle or walk.

For those birdwatchers among you, the Island is home to an excellent diversity of breeding species and has similar bird life to Point Pelee.

Pelee Island birds

The island's Heritage Centre also provides a sightings book where you can read which birds have been spotted recently. (519) 724-2291.

There are several places on the Island where you are most likely to observe the native birds, such as, Lighthouse Point which is located in the northeast corner of the Island.

This nature reserve is a natural jumping-off point for migrating birds heading to the mainland.

Fish Point Nature Reserve has been described as a "miniature Point Pelee" in form and vegetation, as it provides an outstanding wide variety of avian migrants.

Stone Road Alvar is an area of open prairie-like parkland and this nature reserve plays host to southern breeding birds; including the Yellow-breasted Chat and Orchard Oriole.

Pelee Island Info ...

Pelee Island Winery

Full information about the Winery on the Island

Birding Guide
Birding Guide to Pt. Pelee, the Island, Windsor and Essex County

The short films below highlight some of the history and scenery of the Island. Reproduced here by kind permission of YouTube and Mr Kyle Arnold.

The films are of 6 minutes and 8 minutes in length.



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