Oshawa Coyotes

by Ron M
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)

We live on Stevenson Road North, North Oshawa, Ontario, - right across the river/ravine from the new University of Ontario and Durham College Campus. We have 8 acres which includes a large pond - which is used by Deer and I am sure Coyotes to drink from.

Early this morning we were awakened by the howling of what sounded like several Coyotes

We have often heard them and have found eaten rabbit remains and early this year remains of an eaten Goose.

I saw one Coyote last year running in our adjacent rough land (which is the south side 4 acres of our property). Our property abuts to some very large area of woodland and ravines. I also saw one when it darted across the road that we live on.

In winter we have often seen the tracks of dog size animals in the snow.

Thank you for your submission, Ron, be sure to let us know if you see the Coyotes again or if you are able to get a picture of any of them! Our readers would love to hear more and see pictures.

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by: joe

I have run in the woods around Heber Downs in north Whitby for the last 15 years at all different times of the day including late at night. I have been bitten about 7 times by different dogs with their owners present and its always a different excuse from my gloves to hat colour or I'm too tall etc. I've had Coyotes run and follow me but never bite, jump or growl like some of these so called domestic dogs. There are over 500,000 reported dog bites in North America every year with twice that not reported. Dozens of deaths and severe injuries. Only a handful of Coyote bites with two recorded deaths in 50 years.
I wouldn't worry about a Coyote hurting my children or dog. The chances of the neighbours dog are far greater.
But don't let facts get in the way of some good old Wolf/Coyote stories.

Coyotes Watch
by: Véro

We live on Beaver Valley Crescent, North Oshawa, Ontario, - right across from the Airport Golf Course. Early this morning from 3:00-3:30 am we were awakened by the howling and barking of several Coyotes.

Please Please be careful when walking your dogs at night and early morning for potty time....


Oshawa Coyotes
by: Gary

We watched a Coyote cross Renaissance Drive (South Oshawa) on October 5 and run off in to the field, at 8am. Seems strange for this time of day. Keep your cats close to home.

Did I hear Coyotes?
by: Jane

I live on busy Taunton Road E near Simcoe N in Oshawa, Ontario. I took my dogs outside very late at 3am and heard howling and one sound of barking...there was more then one, which at first I thought was dogs.

Then thought that would be strange so late at night for someone to have more then one dog outside howling like that.

It sounded like it was coming a bit further north than where I am, which is on Taunton Road, but between Simcoe and Mary.

I thought it was in behind the townhouses .....could it have been Coyotes?

Ohhh..... yes, that could have been Coyotes!

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