Mississauga Coyotes

by Pauline Hamilton
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Many Coyotes reside around Lisgar area, which is north-west Mississauga, Ontario. Frequently we hear their cries at night, emanating from the open fields bordering this corner of the city.

I've seen two Coyotes recently on a late Sunday morning in a field beside 9th line while I was driving. Another one crossing a field by the 401 mid-day. Last fall, one lay as road-kill on Derry Road.

They travel the open neglected grassy fields & also along the hydro-line fields, which extend forever. There's also a small ravine running from the fields into the city, with well-used pathways tunneled within.

They must predate upon the cotton-tails, mice & rodents. There are deer that I've spotted occasionally as well. Frequent missing cat posters around...

A lot of Mississauga is burdened with these predators. Reports of little dogs being attacked are not uncommon. I'm not sure what has to happen before something gets done about them, if it's possible to do anything. We have learned to live with their presence.

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About the Coyotes
by: Anonymous

Actually the coyotes are being burdened by OUR presence. We continually encroach on their surroundings and far to many people complain and want something done. Without them we would be over run with all the rodents and other pests that I am sure we would complain about as well.

I live in the Westminster Park area of London, we used to see too many deer in the area and Groundhogs galore, now that the Coyotes are here the Deer population is under control and the groundhogs are rarely seen, as it should be.

We all need to learn how to live in harmony, even if that means being a bit wary and keeping your pets close. Or move to the far north, Oh yea, the bears, Hmmmm where will it all stop?


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