Coyotes in Cambridge and Etobicoke

by Allison & Bryan
(Cambridge & Etobicoke)

Allison, one of our readers tells us - We spotted a Coyote in a field across from a pond on Sunday, April 8th at 6:15pm. The field is located beside an industrial park, close to a subdivision on Bishop and the Canamera Parkway. When we drove close to it, it ran off.

Another reader also told us - We live in a high rise near Cambridge Mall and in the evenings around nine we hear coyotes in the wooded area behind Lena Cres. Never actually seen them, but know they are there....

Bryan from Etobicoke says - I was jogging at Marie Curtis park at 12am and I saw what looked like a golden lab on a path towards me. I was looking for an owner but found no one in sight, at that moment my heart skipped a beat! The Coyote made a dash towards me around some high grass, and then was gone. It probably got within 5 feet of me and I'm 6'1 230lbs. lol. Crazy to see in Etobicoke.

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Coyotes in Cambridge
by: Al

I live in Cambridge on Lena Cr. backed on to the wooded area and we hear Coyotes howling on most nights. We have even had a few sightings as they come to the fence for a peek. We have a dog, so maybe the scent is there attracting them. Funny thing is, the howling usually seems to coincide with sirens from the local fire station, almost as if they are answering the call. The fist time we heard it, it was a bit chilling, now is just cool to hear. We all run to open a window or door at the back of the house to hear. Even the dog.

Coyotes on front lawn
by: Annette

On May 19th at approx, 3:10 am I awoke to an awful yelping, I looked out my front window to see two Coyotes on my front lawn, one had a white animal in its mouth. My husband ran out to see them running up the street with the animal in its mouth. My husband drove up the street after them and they dropped the animal and disappeared. We phoned the police and by the time the report was made, the animal which my husband discovered was a little white dog, had disappeared also. Not even safe in the middle of the city.

Two Coyotes seen near Humber College Arboretrum
by: Anonymous

On June 24/12 around 7 pm I was bike riding with my 14 years old son and we came into contact with two Coyotes.

They were about 50 meters away and they ran away as soon as they saw us.

Before I've seen a few Foxes but these two creatures were taller and skinny.

I've always enjoyed my visits to this park but now I don't feel safe anymore.


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