Coyote Attack

by Alex Sessa
(Hamilton / Hannon, Ontario)

Well it was December 12/2011 around 8pm, I was out hanging X-mas lights and I had both of my dogs out with me.

A 8yr old Golden Retriever & a 4yr old Russelpoo (a half miniature Poodle/Jack Russel) weighing 11 lbs.

We live out in Hannon just along Miles Road, next to us run a set of hydro wires, and the dogs are always out with me.

Well that night the moon was shining and I was hanging lights the dogs were roaming, I suddenly hear my small dog bark twice, I looked over and shockingly see the outlines of numerous Coyotes with the light of the moon

I scream "Princess" (my dogs name) and I hear my dog yelp and cry. I ran over picking up a hockey stick, ran across the drive-way over to the edge of our property where it meets the hydro lines, and as I reached over standing ten feet in front of met was a full out attack! Two Coyotes on my small dog, one had it by the neck and the other was by the hind legs fighting over it.

I stood there yelling and banging the hockey stick on the ground, I then noticed my Golden Retriever coming across the field. Thinking that this ain't good, I then positioned my self between the attack and the Retriever, and I then took the Retriever in.

By the time I got back it was quite, so I looked around, drove out in the field but could not see anything.

I believed that was it, our dog was gone, I was out tiding up when amazingly the dog was limping over, covered in blood.

We took her inside and assessed the wounds. She had multiple k-9 punctures around her neck, her left side was crushed, broken ribs, punctured lung and diaphragm. Needless to say, we had to put her down.


P.S I definitely have a new respect for dirty Coyotes

Oh Alex, that must have been awful, poor Princess! Most of the time, we get reports of Coyotes hanging around forests and golf courses, but generally minding their own business.

It sounds like the Coyotes in your area are hungry.

Is there a way that you can notify your neighbours about the attack on your dog? If they know there is a danger, they can protect their small dogs and cats, and perhaps prevent this from happening again.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders, they will eat mice, rabbits, all kinds of small critters, but when times are tough, they will also go after small pets.

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Small Dogs and Cats Become Prey in Nature.
by: Anonymous

Today I am not surprised by so many Coyote incidents. With most people being urban dwellers, and habitat greatly reduced, by the GROWING HUMAN POPULATION (we are the invasive species), it seems that common sense about the laws of nature is gone now.

Any small animal left out in an unfenced or under-fenced yard, near a natural area will be vulnerable to being seen as prey to native species.

What is a wild animal to think, that a small pet is a food item or a specially appointed species, that is forbidden?

Back when most Canadians were farmers or small town dwellers, there was enough green space that coyotes stayed under the radar. They were there, but not so close, and very elusive, not wanting to be seen.

I have seen most species pushed closer to extinction, but the coyote is very adaptable and has thrived, but without common sense in planning for adequate green space, this is the expected result.

Unfortunately, there can never be enough development, and land is not set aside for carbon sinks or wildlife habitat in a way that would make sense.

I fear, however, that our disregard for the natural systems will lead to far worse problems than Coyotes for this planet.

The Flip Side...
by: Anonymous

We see Coyotes almost every morning when walking the dog. They usually watch from a far distance now.

They used to harass us and a couple times tracked and made plays at my dog, testing him I guess. So far, he has been in two all out fights with multiple Coyotes resulting in at least two dead Coyotes and one severely maimed, that I am pretty sure would have died soon after.

My dog received 3 stitches from one of the encounters.

They don't get too close anymore and most of the time run when they see us coming.

My dog has a real hate on for them and given the chance will seek them out. He found their den last spring.....

Hunter of Coyotes
by: Anonymous

First, let me say I love nature, and I am a hunter, the two kinda go together, anyway Coyotes will prey on a lot larger animals than rabbits.

I have watched them run and kill Deer. For sure they eat a lot of mice, and turkey poults, and cats, small dogs etc.

They are a part of nature.

I try to help keep their numbers down a bit.

I heard about a trail-cam set up at a den, and 21 deer were in there, dead.

I say "use caution", and I wouldn't trust one, but having said that, I go for walks in the woods with no fear.

I think I could fend off one if necessary - Coyote are very smart & crafty, they look at everything with food in mind, so be careful and enjoy the outdoors


Concerned over our dogs
by: Jim

I live on Anfred st in Leamington, Ontario.

I was told by one of my neighbours there was a sighting of a Coyote, only 3 houses down from me.

I have 2 small dogs about 12 to 15 pounds each, and we have a fenced area but it is only 24" tall.

Other than building a taller fence this spring what else can I do through the winter to protect them.

Presently I go out with them each time. One of my dogs wakes me up around 3am every night to go out, crazy.

Will coyotes stay clear of a well lit area?

I was thinking of installing lights in our fenced area.

I've seen Coyotes myself very early mornings (6am) usually on Graham Side Road between Seacliff Road and Highway 3, walking across open farm land.

Be cautious about letting your small dogs out when there are Coyotes around, even in a well lit area, because being lit won't keep the Coyotes away if they are hungry.

Regarding Princess
by: Cindy Morton

OMG. So sorry to read about your ordeal with the pack of Coyotes. I am so upset that this is such an issue even where I live and I live in the city of Toronto Ont, Coyotes are roaming our streets and I have a small dog.

I saw one on December 24, 2011, and it was huge, just taking my dog for a morning walk at 930am.

It is mind boggling when the Government will not do anything about this situation until someone gets hurt or killed.

Coyotes are breeding in a park nearby and the female is on guard, it is very scary.

The Government is to blame for this mess they have gotten greedy as more buildings are going up everywhere, and now I heard the Humber Road / Don Valley Parkway, will be torn down because they would like to build it up for the tourists that come here.

Out of control Coyotes
by: coyote hunterAnonymous

How do you people feel now about the Coyote problem? They are a nice looking animal in the wild, but when they over populate, they become a problem. How do you propose to solve this?

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