A Glimpse in Thornhill

by Joseph Sami
(Thornhill, Ontario, Canada)

Through the darkness at 1 am, Exiting Highway 7 driving south on Centre Street just after the 407 crossover, I glimpsed a canine-like figure and shouted to my wife, "Look a fox'.

Taking a better look we both saw not one, but two Coyotes. These could not be the smaller Red Foxes we had seen several times in the Centre Street area between Bathurst and Yonge Street, always at night, obviously quite used to roads and neighborhoods.

It was a pair of Coyotes, moving in the area under the high voltage lines that is like a grass belt, moving away from the street while we passed by, looking towards their destination like we didn't exist.

They were larger than a Fox, and their color was quite grey due most likely to the lack of lighting in that spot.

No time for photos or careful analysis, just a glimpse of nature in the middle of our urban area, disappearing quickly in the night.

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