Yes, we saw this beautiful creature


My husband and I live here, and at 4:10pm (in broad daylight with the sun shining) on December 15th 2009 - IT CAME WITHIN 20 FEET OF OUR HOME.

It was majestic & svelte, and then, it turned and ran off as quickly as it had appeared.

Beacon Hall is a private golf course and we have Wolves, Coyotes, Wild Turkeys, White Tailed Deer and many other obvious delights of Nature !

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by: Anonymous

Again this week in Beacon Hall, Aurora, Ontario - my neighbours and I watched the solo coyote 'do its thing' right down an open fair way ... then it walked off into the wooded area, still in Beacon Hall.

These creatures certainly are not 'afraid' of humans nor their cars. So far this winter, i've followed their (the coyotes') tracks ... HUGE flipping paw tracks I might add ... they go everywhere and certainly are not following any tree line.

Just this evening at 6pm, they chatted (howling) back and forth. Their tracks come right up to the house perimeters.

The only other lovely sighting this week was the Osprey - another majestic creature and commands the sky sight line from our balcony. What a place !

What was it?:-)
by: Anonymous

What did you see?

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