Yes I have

by Taarna Taylor
(Tivertion, Ontario)

One day I was in my house and my dog started to bark, so I looked out the window and there were two large Coyotes trying to attack my pet ducks.

So I grabbed a hockey stick and ran outside and started screaming and they only glanced at me.

My dog chased them away after a while, but the next day two ducks were missing and there was a pile of feathers and blood on the ground.

Thanks for telling us about your Coyote sighting, and I'm so sorry about your pet ducks.

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Non-lethal Methods
by: Tammy

As this is an older post, I wanted to leave some further thoughts. I absolutely understand our pets are very precious, but on a practical level, it is the way of wild animals to attempt to catch 'prey' with least effort in order to survive and/or feed their young. Food is so basic and such a driving force and it's just not available otherwise. Sometimes we can complicate matters and affect future behaviours by making garbage, pet foods and even small 'prey' fairly easily accessible. In my opinion, killing Coyotes for a natural behaviour in their native habitat is just not a good practice. I think it is our responsibility as humans to respond in ways that are most humane.

I think it's actually more effective to find ways to live along-side Coyotes and to protect ourselves, our pets and our livestock. This may take a bit of research about their habits & other local wildlife (i.e., even if one is killed, there may always be another that's not seen). One solution might include good Coyote fencing with special construction, as they're so good at jumping & digging. Another type has a 'roller' on the top so the Coyote can't get footing to jump over. It has to be high enough, though (some reports are up to 10'). There's also other things, of course, such as keeping outside areas free of food, not leaving our pets outside alone without reinforced protection and staying close to our pets & vigilant while hiking in natural areas.

I so understand as I adore my small pet, but we do live in Ontario with other species of native mammals. I think it's wise and responsible to try to live with respect and in harmony with the natural world whenever possible, rather than in opposition.

Thank you so much for hearing.

Poor ducks
by: Anonymous

Same thing happened to us. Only one large, old Coyote was coming out of woods to get my ducks. I caught sight of him in time to tell my husband to get his gun. He saved my beautiful ducks from horrible deaths! I highly recommend the hunter education course. I was an anti-hunter city girl until moving to country and getting small livestock. Boy, that will get you to change your mind about hunting varmints! Now I'm licensed as well. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

With Empathy
by: Tammy

Ahh, I'm so sorry to hear about your pet ducks, Taarna. Very best wishes as you decide what to do from here.


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