Yelping Coyotes in Galt Cambridge

by Catherine
(Cambridge, Ontario)

At approximately 4:30 am I was suddenly awakened by the yelping calls of excitement by Coyotes.

This has happened many early mornings when windows are open and especially in the fall. Our neighborhood is the last one in the south end of Cambridge just beyond Meyers backing on a forest and farmers field.

The yelping sounds exactly like the ones on the above Youtube video. It's hard to say if it's two, three or five of them.

Neighbours have seen them on numerous occasions in the early morning running near the fence line and one time sitting at the forests edge.

I have never seen them but I am cognizant of their presence when walking my dogs at dusk along our neighborhoods path at the forests perimeter.

I hope my 65lbs Bulldog and 55lbs Airedale
along with myself will be overlooked and thought by them to be a little too large to test.

I hope so too, your dogs and you, are probably safe walking together, but be cautious if you think the Coyotes are around

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Seen them in Churchill park in Galt
by: Anonymous

Had one stalk me and my dog for a while. Out in the morning. Be careful.

coyotes are not scared of anyone or anything when in pacs...
by: Bill

Hi just some info here, carry a bright flash light while walking your dogs at night, LED lights are very bright! I read something about Coyotes that they won't enter an area with bright lights.

Coyotes are scared of big dogs, they only target small dogs and cats. If you ever have an encounter with a Coyote be loud and make yourself look big.

My dad used to hunt deer years ago when I was a kid and he told me he saw a pack of Coyotes and one of them ran towards him so he shot it 3 times in the head and it dropped 6 feet away from him.

Coyotes are not scared of anyone or anything when in packs...

Coyotes are Amazing - Book to Read
by: Frances (Cath's Sister)

Hi Cath - your auditory coyote encounter is awesome. We don't get much more than a raccoon fight in Toronto. I am just finishing a great book called 'Prodigal Summer' by Barbara Kingsolver. It contains three stories that are over layed and linked. One of the stories is called PREDATORS and is about a woman trying to find a den of coyotes on a mountain side that has not had them for many years. REALLY good read and coyote experiences like your own! Cool!

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