Worried Small Dog Owner

by A Reader
(Brighton, Ontario, Canada)

Unfortunately we have a make shift pond in our backyard, not intentional but it is there.

This morning 15 December 2012, at 0830 we spotted a medium to large Coyote (35-40 pounds) drinking from the pond.

We have two small dogs. We leash them but now after seeing the Coyote so close to the house it worries me.

Our location is approx 2km outside of the town of Brighton on Smith Street. Anyone in this area should be watchful of their children and small pets.

This was lone Coyote and did not seem to have any fear that we were watching.

Just thought I would report it in case anyone in the area thinks we don't have coyotes ..... we do and they are fairly large and very healthy looking.

Keep your children and small pets close.

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