42815 Beck Line, St Thomas

Winter is such a beautiful time at the house at 42815 Beck Line, and here are a selection of views ...

The view from the deck showing the orchard, some of the 1,400 trees which have been planted, and the trees and river, and the hill on the opposite side of the valley

Snow on the meadow and on the trees, St Thomas, Ontario

Snowy morning ... deer prints in the snow

White tailed deer in the snow, St Thomas, Ontario

A White Tailed Deer close to the house

Winter sunrise over the field and goat pen, Central Elgin, Ontario

Beautiful winter sunrise

White Tailed Deer checking out the Christmas decoration deer, Beck Line, St Thomas, Ontario

A young White Tailed deer checking out the Christmas deer ornament!

the driveway down to our house in winter, Beck Line, St Thomas

The road down to the house

Winter wonderland from bedroom window, Beck Line house, St Thomas, Canada

Winter Wonderland - view from bedroom window

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