Why our front porch?

by Wes Field
(Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)

I live in Cambridge (Hespeler). On Sun January 22 /12, a young Coyote trotted up to our front porch while my brother was smoking a cigarette there.

He ran in the house and the animal sat down by the front steps and seemed to be looking over the road in front of our house.

We both opened the door and yelled at it but it just stared at us and didn't move. It was creepy.

After about 15 minutes it sat against the front door and then decided to leave.

Did it take a direct route over the front lawn?

No! It trotted across the porch to the sidewalk and down the drive way and down the road toward the river.

Really weird eh?

Wow, that is really weird - thank you so much for sending us this report of your Close Encounter with a Coyote! This is one of the strangest ones we have ever heard about!

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