White Squirrels

by Leanne Stephenson
(London, Ontario)

White Squirrel

White Squirrel

Yes, I have seen many White Squirrels in my life.

The only time I have seen them is when I was visiting my Grandmother, who lives in Exeter, Ontario,

If you go there I am sure you will see at least one of these cute creatures!

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White squirrel in Wellington
by: Cecilia

I was in Wellington, Ontario, yesterday and as I was leaving heading back on 33 toward Concession, I noticed movement by side of road and slowed down. A White Squirrel crossed the road in front of my car and stopped by side of road for moment then scampered to a nearby tree. I pulled over and tried to get my camera out to take picture of him. He stopped and sat still on side of tree, then scampered off to another tree, up the tree onto branch to watch me try and take his picture, hopped on to roof of the house there and back into pine tree. He was just too fast! lol He was the size of big black squirrel. First time I've seen White Squirrels in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Great Photo
by: Sara

We have a lot of dark brown and black Squirrels this year, but I have not seen any white ones; that being said, I have not gone out of my way to look either.

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