White Squirrel on our fall walk...

by Sharron Poirier
(Grimsby, Ontario, Canada)

Albino Squirrel in St. Catherines Ontario

Albino Squirrel in St. Catherines Ontario

We had seen the white squirrels many years ago in Exeter, when we came upon them unexpectedly.

We were out for a ride around southern Ontario on our motorcycle. Seeing the white squirrels for the first time was an absolute special treat. We've talked about going back (it's a couple hour drive from where we live) for the pleasure of seeing them again however, just have never gotten around to it.

Yesterday we went for a little drive to take our granddaughter to visit a place called Happy Rolph's. It's a little animal farm in St. Catharines, Ontario. They were closed for the season unfortunately, so we took a walk around the grounds enjoying the mild fall weather.

We came across this white squirrel near the pond at the back of the property. The novelty of this little creature escaped my granddaughters attentions but we were very pleased to see one again.

It happens that the little guy is not only white, he is an albino. I did a little research and find that albino's are less common than the white version with brown eyes.

This one had the distinct pink eyes.

A nice day indeed.

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Albino squirrel
by: Alison

Very interesting white squirrel pic. Thanks for sharing.

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